The Black Wall: Accent Walls With Black Paint

The Black Wall

Painting an accent wall black is a bold and daring choice in the interior design world. Many professional decorators have tried and failed to pull off this feat successfully. The black wall is as much a statement of personality as it is a choice of paint color. Candidates for having a black accent wall should be well studied in architecture, interior design, and have an above average concept of paint color and contrast. Hopefully, this guide is useful in describing these concepts succinctly. By all means comment on any attempts you've made painting your accent wall black. I would live to see pictures as well

Architecture of the Black Wall

The relationship between architecture and interior design is a close one. It's often the case that your home has the final decision when an paint color chosen or accessory placed. Listen closely to this voice of reason. When your house tells you "No, you may not put paint a black wall on me". If you choose to ask your home "Why?", the answer is almost always a variation of this answer; "Because I'm a traditional colonial". Or, "I'm a Spanish adobe". Architecture has, and always will, win the war. You may win a battle by painting an accent wall black incorrectly, but the mistake will certainly be corrected over time. Use your local literary resources, the internet, and friends to help identify the architecture of your home. Use this information to design your space accordingly, giving proper respect of your home's architectural period. Doing so will save valuable time, energy, and money in the the long run.

If you wish for a truly unique design stamp, attempt a black accent wall with slatwall. Learn how on the following hub tutorial, Black Accent Walls Using Slatwall. You may also benefit from Floating Shelf Solutions

Interior Limitations for Black Accent Walls

If the architectural nature of your home has allowed for the bold statement of a black accent wall, it becomes important to mention interior limitations. If you want a black wall, you want the wall to be a somewhat audible, or even a loud voice in the space. While you should be celebrated for painting any accent wall or room black, the line between elegant or beautiful and gaudy or awful can be easily crossed. Often times, a designer won't realize this until it's too late. First, look at your interior as though you were viewing it for the first time. Notice the flow and natural stops and starts made as you enter and exit all the rooms. While making your stops, take a 360 degree view and notice what makes the room or common space interesting. Perhaps you have a quaint wall with a fireplace that could be a proper accent wall. Or maybe the end of a hall-way has some promise. The point is you need to re-introduce yourself with the interior to become more aware of it's limitations and highlights. Once the suitable accent wall is found, get out the black paint. While painting, address the space with an editing eye. Stop if necessary, continue if successful. Look forward to a tutorial on utilizing contract and negative space to enhance the visual impact of a black accent wall. Yes, there will be mirrored accessories.

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