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Hammock Chair - Mexican

The Mexican chair hammock, swing chair, garden hammock chair – know by many names yet however it is called is a great addition to any outdoor setting. Whether hung from your favourite tree in the garden, off your patio, or while on a camping holiday the versatility of a chair hammock is hard to beat.

The hammock chair offers a number of benefits including that it is smaller, lighter, more portable, and a lot more comfortable than most other pieces of outdoor furniture. Quick and easy to hang up, take down, and roll up, they can even be used indoors. Making it easy to move your chair to different positions in your yard, or to pack in the car to take away on holiday or to you favorite park to relax in for the day.

Hammock chairs can come in a variety of colours. Mexican hammock chairs are very vibrant and beautiful in the range of mixed multiple colours they use. Sure to brighten up any space! They do also come in solid classic colours, such as natural white, blue, green, etc so they you can tailor a colour to suit your environment.

Hand-woven like all Mexican hammocks, the chair hammock is ideal for spaces where you do not have space to hang up a full length hammock, or want to have a more sitting, upright position. The chair hammock is also ideal for hanging from a single (strong) tree branch or from an outdoor or indoor beam. A single fixing point is all it is needed and you are away swinging!

The chairs are perfect to relax put your feet up, read a book, watch tv, or just enjoying an ice cold drink. The large chair hammocks are big enough so that you can fully recline into them with your feet and head fitting into the hammock. Great for an afternoon nap providing you with very safe and cocoon like feel. Loved by children and adults alike. They make a unique and cherished gift.

So when considering outdoor furniture, don’t go past a hammock chair for total comfort and relaxation!

Chair Hammock Images

Mexican Chair Hammock
Mexican Chair Hammock
Chair Hammocks from beam
Chair Hammocks from beam
Rolled up chair hammock
Rolled up chair hammock

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