Is Black Mold Hiding in your Home?

Black Mold Stachybotrys, is extremely dangerous, even deadly! If black mold is in your home you have a serious problem. If you live in an area, where flooding and rain is a frequent occurrence, it will be an ongoing challenge to keep your home mold free by keeping it dry. The cost of mold in your home can be expensive financially and physically as well.

Mold is a fungal growth that grows and thrives in dank damp areas. You can find it anywhere, but you may most often notice it in the bathroom, basement and other areas of the home where moister and leakages may be a problem.

Mold can grow and spread within the walls of your home, without notice for weeks months or years. If not caught and treated the mold problem can become so serious that the occupants have to leave the property until is treated and in the worse cases a home may become condemned if the black mold has permeated every part of the home.

How Mold can Affect Health

Mold is an allergen when can irritate the bronchial airways and cause sever allergic reaction and lung problems.

Mold is extremely dangerous for everyone, especially young children, the elderly, people with breathing problems and compromised immune systems.

Those with allergies and respiratory illnesses such as asthma, COPD and bronchitis, are particularly sensitive to mold and usually have a negative response within moments of entering an area with mold present. Inhaling mold can cause fungal infection, ear, nose, and throat problems and can even cause death in some instances.

The only remedy for those with medical problems is to remove the person or remove the mold from the environment.

Black Mold Extremely Dangerous

Black Mold

Toxic mold or toxic mold, is extremely toxic and dangerous. Black mold can cause rashes, chest and nose congestion, sinus problems and cold symptoms.

Extended exposure to black mold can cause liver disease, respiratory illness, cause neurological problems, learning problems in children an ultimately death.

Though black mold or any mold may not be obvious, it is air borne, and travels throughout a building through air ducts and ventilation system, spreading the fungus to other areas of the home or building.

Mold Removal

Preventing Mold Growth

The best way to prevent mold in you home is to examine every area of you home and check for leaks under sinks, in the laundry room, basement, the roof and other areas where mold is likely to grown.

Fix all leaks and repair all holes in the roof, skylight and areas where water can seep into the walls of you home. Once the repairs are made, make sure the area drys completely.

If there are areas of you home when there are no windows, make sure that you ventilate rooms, such as the basement, bathroom, by adding a fan, or heating element to keep the room dry.

When mold begins to grow in the bathroom and under the sink and other areas; the affected areas can be treated with a mixture of water and bleach or mold and mildew products that can be found in your local supermarket.   Make sure to protect your eyes and skin as bleach is caustic.

Mold Remediation

For sever mold problems, it may be necessary to call in the professionals to handle it. This can be quite expensive.

The mold remediation  process can be an extensive process. In order to remove mold from your home professionals have to use air scrubbers to prevent airborne mold from spreading during the removal process.

They may also need to treat inside the wall with anti-microbial chemical, remove and replace contaminated walls, HEPA vacuum and teat the air quality of the space.

You best option is to attack any leakage problems in you home before it becomes and extensive problem.

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