The Glass Teapot

Teapots are manufactured from a variety of materials, including heavy metals
such as cast iron, lighter metals like aluminum and stainless steel, and
ceramics such as delicate porcelain or robust clay pottery.  This article will
describe some of the features and benefits of the glass teapot.

Glass teapots come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles but, unlike
metal and ceramic pots, they all share one trait:  they allow for the beverage
to be observed as it is brewing.  Tea connoisseurs are particular about the
length of time the tea leaves are allowed to brew, as this determines the tea's
strength.  As tea leaves are brewed in a teapot with infuser, the tea becomes
darker, signalling it's strength.  When the tea reaches the desired color and
strength, the infuser is removed from the teapot.  Brewing tea in a glass
teapot can therefore add visual appeal to the whole process.  Some tea
manufacturers even produce blooming teas designed to be brewed in glass teapots
so that unfolding petal clusters can be seen.

Another feature of glass teapots is their resistance to retaining the flavors
of earlier brews.  This is because glass is non porous, and it makes these
teapots a good choice for people who like to brew a variety of teas and for
those who like to make herbal or spice teas and tisanes. 

Contrary to their appearance, teapots made from glass are fairly tough, being
made from borosilicate glass designed to withstand rough treatment and
extreme temperatures. Most of them are safe to be used in a microwave oven and
washed in a dishwasher.  Jenaer Glas, a German manufacturer of laboratory
glassware, has a range of kitchen products made from heat resistant glass,
including a strong, stylish glass teapot with infuser.  Some other well-known
manufacturers of teapots are Bodum, based in Europe, and the Californian
Company, Numi. One might even be lucky enough to find a local glass craftsman
who makes unique handblown teapots.

Many teapots are made entirely from glass, while some have lids, infusers or
handles made from other materials. A glass infuser teapot, for example, may
have an infuser made from glass, pierced metal or metal mesh.   Many glass
teapots come in sets with matching glass teacups, sugar bowls and milk jugs or
even wooden pot stands and tealeaf scoops.  For those who like a little
ceremony to accompany their cup of tea, an elegant glass infuser teapot can
make a special occasion of your daily ritual.


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