Could you live on a boat? Come take a walk on the wild side.

Darryl is a fifty year old engineer who has lived on his boat for 15 years. He
has a mid-size bayliner boat. The inside has a bedroom,a kitchen,a bathroom its
very similiar to a single apartment. Darryl when asked why he decided to live
on a boat stated it was very inexpensive compared to apartment living. Darryl
stated at that time (1992) he could live aboard his boat for 350.00 a month
including the slip rental fee. He also found apartment living not so attrative as he
felt packed in while living in apartments. He stated he could live in the marina
have a million dollar view, serenity and the safety of a gated community. He
also was withing walking distance of the beach and had access to all of the facilitys.
A host of new friend's who were also live aboards.

Rick & Lila Jefferson

A married couple of 40 years lived aboard their boat 20 years. Rick was transffered to Los Angeles and had a home in San Francisco and did not
want to permanently live in Los Angeles. Rich had a boat in San Francisco so he came up with the idea of having his boat relocated to the Marina to live on it with
his wife. He also states it was very inexpensive to live on his boat compared to purchasing another home as his company paid for relocation of his boat. Rick 7 Lila lived aboard a mid-sized boat and aftaer they were there a few years they began raising their grandaughter Megan so they decided to make it permanent.
They purchased a large boat that would accomodate the 3 of them.. They
raised Megan on the boat. By living on the boat they were able to pay for
Megan's private school education and all expenses she needed. When asked
if they had to do it all over again would they live on the boat they replied certainly. We loved it and so did Megan. Megan is now a graduate of Harvard University
and has her own boat of which she says she can't do without.

Kate Smith

Kate Smith is a 20 year old college student living aboard a mid-size boat while attending a university. Whe asked why she decided to live aboard her boat she replied,my parents had a boat of which they no longer used. Faced with the rising costs of her college education she decided to look for a way to graduate without a lot of debt so she decided that living on the boat would be a win-win situation since she had no rent to pay. She used the money she hade from grants,work and
scholarships to pay down all but a few dollars of her education loans.
She enjoyed the serenity of being able to study on the boat and has a 3.9 gpa.
Kate will graduate in 2010 she says the marina social scene has made her many
friends and she has many job contacts because of living on her boat.

Tawny Lemon

Tawny Lemon we will call her to protect her anonymity is a young hollywood starlet. She says she started living on her boat because she loved the feeling of being away from the entertainment community. She states she enjoys the best of both worlds because after she goes on movie shoots she retires to her boat for quiet and serenity.

Tawny states she doe not have to worry about the papparazi stalking her.
She invites her family and friends to her boat regularly for visits. She states when she wants the glitz and glam of the entertainment lifestyle she can participate. If she wants the quiet and serenity of a normal life she retires to her boat. Tawny lives on a yacht, and is known all around the Marina but no one bothers her. She says having her boat has been a godsend.

What to expect when living on a boat.

Have you ever considered about living aboard a boat fulltime? With the cost of ocean front homes this may be something that you have already considered if you want to live near the water or on the water. There are some pros and cons about living aboard a boat fulltime.

Living on a boat does take some adjustments to the way that you would live in a house. Before thinking of bringing anything on to the boat you have to measure to make sure it fits through the door. Then you have to make sure that you have room for it in the boat. Space is a major factor when living on a boat. While boats do have storage you still probably will have to downsize your possessions quite a bit to get things to neatly fit on the boat. You may find that once you don't have the items around that you really don't miss them much.

You may have to store things on a boat that isn't logical in a house or an apartment. The main closet for your clothes may be at the other end of the boat while you sleep at the other end.

Modern boats now have most conveniences that you need. Some also include bathtubs. If you get a smaller or an older boat, the only option that you may have is a shower. If you are in a marina you can get electric and water to your boat. The water pressure won't be like you can get on land. Most of the water will come through a garden hose to get to your boat. You can get cable television or Satellite television also while docked so you still can have the cable channels. But then you are living on the water and have beautiful views every night, would you really want to be watching television and miss natures show?

The kitchens have smaller ovens and stoves than a house, and not much kitchen storage for can goods and supplies. But with some planning and careful shopping you can make it all work. There is a refrigerator with a freezer and some may even have dishwashers in them. Some boats now have washer and dryer. If you are looking at a boat without a washer and dryer you will have to go to the laundry mat which may be another inconvenience for you.

Abc Law A Practice on the Water

ABC Law was started by 4 friends in the 80's. They were looking for somewhere to do business in a calm serene environment that did not cost an arm and a leg.
What they found when moving their practice upon a yacht is that business more
than tripled. Clients felt better on the water and were more at ease. Since
their overhead was much less the attorneys were less stressed. Another
benefit of being in the Marina was that they could take their clients to lunch
or dinner in less than 3 minutes. They now were near several great eateries
and even the mall was just a few minutes away. They found a perfect business
model that is still working today.


Marina Del Rey Boat 5 years ago

Marina Del Rey Boat living on a boat has many advantages.

It also is the source of pleasure for many Marina Del Rey Yacht owners.

However, scheduled boat cleaning and maintenance is something that must be added to the cost of Marina Del Rey Boat living.

Monthly boat bottom cleaning is absolutely necessary.

Without bottom cleaning, marine life and growth could cause your boat to sink.

Further, if you depart from your slip, you'll spend a lot more money on fuel and take 50% longer to go from Marina Del Rey to Catalina and other destinations.

You must change your sacrificial zinc anodes to prevent galvanic corrosion.

You onboard instruments may fail, which you might get you lost.

Topside cleaning is necessary to prevent rot, corrosion and other damage.

You must consider a haul out of your boat every 18 to 24 months.

When a crack appears in the hull of your boat, it may be a good idea to contact a professional for the boat repair to make sure the crack does not get worse while you are operating on choppy waters.

If the hull is compromised, you may be waiting for help by treading water and your prized possession is resting comfortably on the bottom.

Therefore, before you decide to live on your boat, calculate the boat cleaning and boat maintenance costs of your Marina Del Rey Boat.

Therefore, before you decide to live on your boat, calculate the boat cleaning and boat maintenance costs of your Marina Del Rey Boat.

Captain Jack Back

Marina Del Rey Yacht

Marina Del Rey Boat 5 years ago

Marina Del Rey Yacht|Yachts-

It's not cute to ignore cleaning and maintaining your boat.

The story of a friend of mind helps to illustrate my point better than my first comment above.

Check it out here ==>

Capt Jack Back

Marina Del Rey Boat

bassin 5 years ago

While single, I lived on a boat in the marina for a few years and loved it. I was a pauper in paradise; living on a small sailboat in MDR rented from a friend. Showering was done in the marina customers shower facilities. Small lving space but ok for those who love the air and quiet.

Randy C. Fox 4 years ago

I live on my boat in Fort Myers Florida, it is paradise in as much as its quiet the people at the Royal Palm Yacht Club are great! I shower either in my head or at the club's facilities. We have a great group of people here the club house is wonderful the food and happy hours are fun I would not trade this lifestyle for the world.

Bryan Severance 2 years ago

Hello Boaters,

I am a development TV producer always on the hunt for new shows and larger than life characters. Currently, I am working for a large cable network and developing a show called, Life off the Hook - which would follower sea-steaders and boatmen alike who live self sufficient lives at sea for extended periods of time. Now we just need to find our larger than life characters who live life off the hook! Think Life Below or Zero or Mountain Men but on a boat.

So if catching rain water and filtering it, fishing and growing vegetables on your boat, using composting toilets is your thing - I would love to speak with you and hear more! IF this isn’t you, but you know who would be perfect - please send them to me as well. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.


Bryan Severance

Executive Producer

“Down East Dickering”

c: 732.673.2456

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      How Would I Go About Buying a Used Boat?

      How Would I Go About Buying a Used Boat?

      Generally, people will buy a used boat from a private seller, a broker or a marine dealership. When buying from a private seller, however, it will usually come without a warranty. Therefore, you’ll either need to have a good boating knowledge of the important things to look out for when you’re inspecting the boat or, better still, get a marine surveyor to inspect it.

      This service will cost you but a professional opinion might end up saving you a lot of money and heartache in the long run.

      Boat dealers and brokers, on the other hand, may be able to offer you a limited warranty in most cases but the overall cost will be reflected in a higher price as the result of the dealer’s commission. It’s still worth getting a marine surveyor to inspect the boat though.


      Questions You Want To Be Asking The Owner

      One of the first questions you want to be asking the seller of the boat is the reason why they’re selling it. Naturally, you can’t always guarantee you’ll be told the truth and sometimes you might need to rely on what your instincts tell you but it’s still a useful opening question to ask.

      You should also ask if the boat has a maintenance log and, if so, if you can you take a look at it as this will contain information about any repairs the boat may have undergone, its service history etc. Try to establish from the owner what the boat was mostly used for and how frequently it was used.

      Inspecting The Boat

      Inspecting The Boat

      Much as in the same way as you’d view a house, you can often establish a general idea of how well a boat has been looked after by simply walking around on deck and inside the boat’s living quarters itself. Paintwork and the care of wood and metal fixtures and fittings are obvious signs of care or neglect and if you can see things like waterline marks inside the boat, this is a sure sign that it has flooded in the past.

      Ask them to run a test of the equipment such as the bilge pump, freshwater system and things such as generators, heaters, stoves etc. Check who the builder of the boat was and, if you’re not familiar with the name, do your research to find out how reputable the company is. Find out the hull’s registration number and make sure it matches that on the documents and that it doesn’t appear to have been tampered with as you don’t want to end up buying a boat that might have been stolen.

      Wherever possible, ask if the boat can be taken out of the water so you can check the hull below the waterline. A reputable seller should not object to this at all if you can arrange for this to be done as all boat owners appreciate just how important the condition of a boat’s hull is to a potential buyer.

      Obviously, procedural engine checks are equally important and it’s acceptable to ask if you can take it for a ‘test drive’ to see and feel how it actually performs.

      Ultimately though, unless you’re really knowledgeable yourself, if you want to be sure that you’re buying a good quality used boat where the asking price does reflect the quality of what you are buying, a marine surveyor is the best person to employ to carry out all of the above tests and to ask the relevant questions far and above what is mentioned here.

      And, on that note, anyone can call themselves a marine surveyor so make sure that they belong to some kind of registered marine surveyor’s organisation that is genuine and reputable.

      Finally, even if things might not come fully up to scratch in all areas and either you or the marine surveyor thinks the price is too high for what the seller is asking for the boat, depending on the surveyor’s report and/or your own observations, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to simply walk away from the sale (although you could do so should you choose to) but it can be a useful bargaining tool to get the seller into agreeing to a lower price.

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