The Original Scrapbox Workbox for Scrapbook Storage Craft Furniture - Desk, Hide, Fold Out Scrapbooking

Scrapbox Storage System

Scrapbook and Craft Storage System
Scrapbook and Craft Storage System | Source

Store Your Craft Items in Style with a Beautiful Piece of Furniture

Craft storage areas and work spaces can easily become cluttered and disorganized. Besides all of the clutter that accumulates on a desk it can also look out of place in a room or craft area. When guests come to visit a storage armoire for crafts and scrapbook supplies can be quickly and easily hidden away in a cabinet such as the Scrapbox storage system.

The Scrapbox storage system is like a transformer for adults. The storage system and work space craft desk allows a crafter to store supplies in a beautiful piece of furniture when not in use. When a person wants to used the space they just open the workbox and have an entire work area desk to layout craft items and do scrapbooking on.

If you are a scrapbooker the scrapbox is your scrapbooking storage solution. If you are a hobbyist or have a home office this is the answer to storing and organization needs. When it is closed it can be easily moved around. It is very stylish, child proof and a nice looking piece of furniture that comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

The desk folds out easily and can handle most projects. There is even additional storage space underneath the desk and the removable pouches can be used to take items with you. You can adjust the shelves for larger projects. When you are finished the Workbox turns into a nice piece of furniture.

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Styles of Storage Cabinets

Depending on a person's needs for storage there are many styles, colors and varieties of cabinets, desks, and furniture pieces available.

The WorkBox- is a larger furniture storage cabinet with a fold out desk and containers for storing all sorts of crafts.

The MiniBox - is a smaller storage system with containers and a workspace on top. This type of cabinet can be tucked in a corners or smaller work area. This piece of furniture is great if the Workbox is too big for an area.

The Paper Tower - is a tall skinny storage piece that has drawers, nooks and spaces to store all kinds of stuff.

Craft Armoires - Can be used to store crafts, hide an office space or computer, and in addition looks like a beautiful piece of furniture when closed.

Craft, Sewing, Scrapbook desks - can be used for a variety of crafts. Desks come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes including corner desks, folding desks, desks with storage, and more.

There are also small containers and accessories that can be added to a workroom area in order to keep crafts and scrapbook supplies organized. One of the best ways to decided on what type of furniture is needed for an area is to measure the space, access your needs and reviews different styles of furniture available.

The Original Scrapbox

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I've seen this in magazines...gotta have it!

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