The Pros and Cons of the main different types of bathtubs; in a “Mom, Darth Vader is in my bathtub!” kind of way…

This is a picture of a whirlpool.. you will understand why after reading this article.
This is a picture of a whirlpool.. you will understand why after reading this article. | Source
A plain bathtub (or badekar, like they say in Norwegian)
A plain bathtub (or badekar, like they say in Norwegian)

The Pros and Cons of the main different types of bathtubs; in a “Mom, Darth Vader is in my bathtub!” kind of way…

Are you standing on the edge? Getting ready to plunge into the watery goodness a few metres below? Well, then you might have a slightly bigger tub than what I was thinking of, or you might be mistaking a swimming pool for a bathtub; which it is not. Lesson 1: A swimming pool is not a bathtub. Well, let us say you are more on a metaphorical edge rather than a physical one, contemplating what kind of bathtub you should invest in; and what would be the benefits versus limitations, advantages versus disadvantages, conveniences versus inconveniences… you get the point. Soap up, you are in for a bubbly informational ride on the bathtub express. Choo choo!

First of all, let us divide the bathtubs into three main categories:

1) The standard shower/bath combo

2) The walk in bathtub

3) The whirlpool multifunction bathtub

Starting with 1) The standard shower/bath combo, let us run through some of its good sides and some of its darker, more evil sides. In other words, let us find out if the standard shower/bath combo is more attracted to the darkside than the lightside, for all you Star Wars / bathtub fans out there; I guess that is quite a limited audience, but I am sure there is someone out there watching Star Wars in their bathtub right now, nodding along eagerly to this article, going: “Yes, Resolver! Finally someone who manages to reach out to us bathtub-Star Wars enthusiasts! I love it!” before getting overly excited, knocking over their full size Darth Vader bathtub playmate, making a right watery mess on the bathroom tiles. Maybe you should have bought a bigger tub, ey, Star Wars / bathtub fan? Maybe you should…

Ok, so that is obviously a con in the standard shower/bath combo; the limitations in terms of how many people can fit into the bath… unless you like to have baths alone, then this would be a pro. So, this one we will give 1 point to each side of the coin. Let us proceed onwards, diving deep into the mindset of the standard shower / bath combo. You are in for a wet and wild experience, let me tell you that much.

A "clawfooted" bathtub
A "clawfooted" bathtub | Source
A 19th century bathtub; sure looks comfy!
A 19th century bathtub; sure looks comfy! | Source

The standard shape of this type of tub is normally a rectangular bath which is attached to three or two walls, with either two or three sides being free-minded and more hippie-like than the other more conservative bathtub sides holding on to the wall. They usually mock the sides of the tub which are attached to the wall, going:

“Yeah! Come on guys! Live a little! Let yourselves go! It feels so goooood to be free! The bathroom air brushes so tantalizingly against my bright, shiny complexion! Peace and love brothers and sisters!”

Obviously, the more conservative sides of the tub despise this constant mocking attitude from its more free-minded peers, but still they cling to the wall; providing good support which the free, hippie like sides take for granted.

I would say this counts towards an advantage of our friend ‘the standard shower/bath combo’, as they provide a good balance between control and chaos. Where would the world be without it?


+ Limited bathing space, so you can be all alone in your fantasy h2o universe

+ Good balance between control and chaos

+ Single-handedly ensuring world survival


- Limited bathing space, so no real room for a blow-up full size Darth Vader playmate

Ok, so three pros and one cons gives the first category: Standard shower/bath combo… two points!

Next, we are moving onto a classic… category 2, the walk-in bathtub. It is like having a drive-in, except it is a walk-in… in your own home! It is absolutely amazing! First of all, let me start by saying that these are quite similar to category 1, but with a big twist. They have doors... or rather, a door… which gives you easy access to the bathtub without lifting your feet of the ground. No more of that strenuous movement of lifting your legs of the ground to get all nice and clean. Now you can jump right in without engaging those good-for-nothing gluteal- and leg muscles, a definitive pro point there.

Secondly, joking aside, it is very good for those who have limited strength in their legs, have a fragile health or otherwise suffer from some kind of disease. So, it gets a pro point for being handicap / elderly friendly.

It is hard to find any disadvantages in this category, as ‘the walk-in bathtub’ is sort of the likable, good guy in the class. The one who never says anything bad about others, but keeps his head down and does the jobs which are required of him, helping the elderly taking a bath being one of them, no con points for you my friend.

A whirlpool
A whirlpool | Source
Water... h2o... aquatic ambiance
Water... h2o... aquatic ambiance | Source


+ Do not have to engage good-for-nothing gluteal- and leg muscles to get into tub

+ Handicap / elderly friendly



Summarizing for category 2: ‘the walk-in bathtub’, we get 2 pro points and 0 con points, resulting in a sum of two points for category 2. Well done!

Last out, we have the misunderstood, bad boy type in the la famiglia Bathtub; presenting category 3, the whirlpool.

If the whirlpool was a human manifestation it would be starring in a 1950s movie, with a black leather jacket, hair greased backwards, and a thumbs up attitude alà the Fonz. Happy whirlpool days all the way to the bank, in other words. The black leather jacket and the greased up hair, often gives people a false first impression of the whirlpool… saying he is a good-for-nothing criminal, who always just seems to loathe around doing nothing for anyone. They could not be more wrong…

Let us think about what a whirlpool really does… it is flexible in terms of size, it comes in a wide array of sizes to accommodate your-, or your plus 4 friends’ needs. “The more the merrier”, the jolly giant whirlpool bathtub says.

Secondly, it comes equipped with a water-jet or water-bubbles, or a combination of the two, providing you with an aquatic massage which you need after a stressful day. Your sore muscles will roar with delight as the hydro pulsations throw themselves against them repeatedly, over and over, providing a better bloodflow to the area and also increasing lymphatic drainage. Maybe the whirlpool is not all bad after all, ey? Maybe you should not have been that pre-judgemental (not you though, I mean the other reader reading this at the same time as you…).

However, a slight disadvantage with the whirlpool is that it is quite high cost and maintenance, spending all its money on leather jackets, motorbikes and brylcreem… but is not that a price worth paying for a bit of daily luxurious, aquatic ambiance?


+ Flexible attitude

+ Aquatic massage, increased blood flow / increased lymphatic drainage

+ It looks cool (with its hair all greased back and that…)


- Cost

Category 3 gets 2 points in total, like the others, and therefore we end up with a tied game between the three contestants. Well played.

So, this is the end of this little piece on The Pros and Cons of the main different types of bathtubs; in a “Mom, Darth Vader is in my bathtub!” kind of way… The main points to take home from this is that a swimming pool is not a bathtub, you might want to get a half-scale blow-up Darth Vader instead of a full-size one for bathtub frolicking and that whirlpools are cool with their hair all greased up (and that…).

One more thing, if brylcreem and other coolness is clogging up your drains you can always use Drano Snake Plus to set them free again. Just saying… it is pretty great like that.


Simone Smith profile image

Simone Smith 5 years ago from San Francisco

Oh, la resolver2009! I never thought a Hub on plumbing could succeed in making me laugh out loud, but here I am, chuckling away! I let out a particularly loud guffaw upon reading “Yes, Resolver! Finally someone who manages to reach out to us bathtub-Star Wars enthusiasts! I love it!” because that's pretty much what I thought as soon as I saw your title.

You rock the world of pros and cons, dude. Love this! I'll never look at tubs the same way again.

Resolver2009 profile image

Resolver2009 5 years ago from Bournemouth, UK / Oslo, Norway Author

Thank you Simone! Much much appreciated! :D Wow, really excited that I won the daily writing contest for Clogs to Coins as this was my first entry into one of your competitions in the two years I have been here.

I am heading to my tub right now, the Darth Vader is -just rightly- inflated. Have a good day! :D

MSantana profile image

MSantana 5 years ago from Madison Wisconsin

To be fair with the environment resources the big bath tub use a lot more water than is needed for a person to clean itself. Unless there is a romantic affair going on... a small or medium bath tub is relaxing enough.

melbel profile image

melbel 5 years ago from New Buffalo, Michigan

We have a whirlpool and it's seriously worth every penny! I don't use the jets because then bubbles go everywhere, but it's still relaxing and very spacious! Great hub! Rated up and useful!

bekki viera 4 years ago

i love my jacuzzi tub but it always had debris when i wanted to relax. i got Spa noVae and now ready all the time and converts into a spa..

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