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Beauty and durability are two main factors people look for when choosing new countertops but with so many different types of materials on the market it can be a challenge for homeowners to know which one is the best for them. When struggling to find the right materials it is important to have someone with the right knowledge and experience help with your selection.

When considering new countertops, the experts on kitchen countertops in Raleigh can not only help you choose the right materials for your kitchen, but also the right one that meets the needs of your family. Many families choose their countertops simply on appearance. While the counters may look good, how the family uses it may not make it the best choice. For example, a family of children that use it for everything from making their own sandwiches or for painting hobby projects may rule out certain materials and colors.

Granite is well-known for its durability but choosing a light shade may not be the best option. Darker shades are available that may better fit into your family’s lifestyle. It is also available with different finishes; matte and shiny, and you may want to visit a company’s showroom to see how all of the different shades and appearance look in person.

In addition to granite, countertops are also available in marble, stone, wood and the now popular concrete. Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages, each depending on the family’s lifestyle and how the countertop will be used. Laminate countertop materials have come a long way since their first use and are fairly scratch resistant. However, hot pots and pans still tend to cause damage to the material.

Marble has unique designs as part of the material, some darker than others, and unlike granite, marble and other natural stone materials like soapstone and limestone are softer and require more care. They will also require periodic sealing to keep it from being damaged or stained by liquids. Concrete countertops can be colored to nearly any surface design and sanded to a host of finishes, but their drawback is they are more prone to being etched by acids. They are also subject to warping by sudden temperature changes, such as placing a hot pan on the surface.

Wood block countertops can offer a warmer look to your kitchen, but are easily damaged by water spills. As a result they will need to be sealed frequently. If you simply can’t make up your mind about the right material, talk to the experts on kitchen countertops for Raleigh about mixing it up a little. Depending on how you use your kitchen counters you may opt to insert a butcher block section for chopping and dicing or a marble surface for other uses as an insert for a granite counter.

Choosing the material and color for your new countertops is only half the battle. Most countertops come with square edges but today’s counters are available with rounded, beveled and even ogee designs on the edges. Similarly the back splash can be designed to offer a more decorative flair to your kitchen, depending on the material chosen and how it fits into the overall design of your kitchen.

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Thanks for the information, I am looking to upgrade my counter tops and kitchen. Voted useful.

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Love the wood block countertops. This is a very useful hub.

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Thanks everyone! So glad the info was helpful - There are so many great countertop options!

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