The Roller Blind

In my opinion the roller blind is one of the most useful blinds on the market. No, I wouldn't use it to cover windows in my living room nor on any feature windows, but there are plenty of uses for the modest roller blind that make it perfect for many windows around the house.

Roller blinds have been around for years, although they have come a long way from the early, bland and flimsy blinds they used to be. Roller blinds have always been a cheap and convenient way to cover a window. They are the simplest blind to put up, they use very little fabric thus cutting costs, they lay flat against the window and roll all the way up, letting maximum light in. Best of all, they are very easy to open and close.

These days the blinds are made from a variety of material and you should be able to find any design or shade you want as there are so many to choose from. I have seen them very successfully used in a living room, hung against ceiling to floor windows. The décor was more the modern, minimalistic setting which the smoke gray roller blinds accentuated perfectly. So, don't banish roller blinds to the bathroom or kitchen, but be creative instead and save a lot of money as you do so.

Roller Blinds Ideal for Bathrooms and Kitchens

One of the more obvious uses for these blinds is to hang them in the bathroom and/or kitchen.  Most people like a lot of light in their kitchens, and roller blinds are the best when it comes to this.  They don't take up a lot of space and they roll up neatly out of the way. They also give a clean, sharp look to a room if chosen carefully.

If you are buying roller blinds for your kitchen or bathroom, try to get the 100% waterproof blinds.  They are ideal for humid locations or area where there's a lot of steam or other types of moisture in the air.  Even so, you may need to watch out for mold forming on them, especially if you keep them rolled up most of the time.  Still, they are very economical and practical for either bathroom or kitchen.

Patterned blinds also can look very nice in the bathroom or kitchen. I prefer a softer pattern in the bathroom, a very soft, simple design on a light colored blind.  Depending on what I'm doing with the kitchen, I have sometimes used a more subtle shade of blind, or at times I've gone all out and made a statement with a very bold and colourfully designed blind.  It all depends on how I'm decorating that particular room.

Other Locations to Hang Roller Blinds

They're also great for hanging in the garage or workshop, or in other miscellaneous or odd window locations around the house. The nice thing about using roller blinds in a work place is that they are very unobtrusive and don't get in the way of everything else that's happening in that busy place. They are easy and quick to roll up or pull down and don't require any care at all really. Just make sure they're made from fairly sturdy PVC material, so that they'll be long lasting and will handle well.

Sometimes you have a window in a room but nothing looks right hanging there. It's very easy to install a cheap roller blind in a neutral color and you'll find that it almost makes the window seem to disappear or fade from sight.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Do you think of dull, uninteresting grey blinds when you hear the term 'blackout roller blinds'?  Well, they're certainly not that anymore.  In fact, blackout blinds come in all colors and patterns these days, making them a great choice for a bedroom.  You can choose very bright and cheerful colored blackout blinds, or blinds with kiddie patterns on them for your nursery or child's room, and they not only look good but they keep light out so your little one can take naps without being disturbed by the light.

They're also great for anyone who works at night and has to sleep during the day.  Remember, they can look great even in a bedroom. If you need the blackout feature but want to dress up your roller blinds you can also always frame your window with a simple curtain.

Make Your Own Roller Blinds

If you are looking for really cheap roller blinds there's always the option of home made roller blinds. No, they're not that difficult to make at all. In fact you can readily buy DIY roller blind kits online, that come complete with everything you need to make your own roller blind. Most kits include the sidewinder mechanism, an aluminium roller, the bottom bar and endcaps for the bar, a stiffening solution to use with your material of choice, and instructions on how to put it all together.  You can also buy special fabric to use for your roller blind, either PVC or specially pre-stiffened fabrics if you prefer.

Whether you're looking for a cheap alternative for covering your window, you need to block out all sunlight, or you're trying to brighten up a kitchen, you might want to take a look at the roller blind. Great for all sorts of locations, cheap, easy to put up and problem free to operate, they could be just what you need.

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Morris Streak profile image

Morris Streak 7 years ago from UK

Interesting and refreshing info on roller blinds. I never gave blackout roller blinds any more thought than merely a dull black or grey shade that shuts out light completely. Good hub. I'm into home improvement myself.

SusanWesty profile image

SusanWesty 7 years ago from Australia Author

Yes, I've recently taken on a whole new approach to roller blinds. I'd never given them much thought till recently, but there really are a lot of nice looking ones around.

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

Thanks for this updated info!

The Shade Store 6 years ago

The cost of roller blinds goes up with the kind of fabric you buy. Check out for latest collection of roller blinds.

windowwashing 6 years ago

great article!

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