Thrifty Home Decorating


Personal Touches in Home Decorating

Do you need a hip space on a small budget? Apply creative imagination, the inspiration of modern design and your personal touch for effective decorative change. Give rooms a custom look, a stylish update and unique personality with a special budget. Fun decor accessories are inexpensive accents that expand elegance in room settings. These are personal touches such as:

  • Vases
  • Bowls
  • Contemporary art objects
  • Candle holders
  • Wall clocks
  • Decorative boxes
  • Accent sculptures

Thrifty Home Gems

Use color to set an upbeat tone of style. Choose neutral, contrasting or bold trendy color shades as design inspiration. Make room spaces rich in personal style that is warm, inviting and modern in elegance. Spread the look of happy spaces in your rooms. Carry the theme of every day casual style as personal inspiration through affordable decorative gems.

Thrifty Luxury Decorating

Make room for style with a tight decorating budget. Use creativity and imagination to design room environments for personal luxury. Uplift living spaces with new curtains, accent rugs and coordinating modern vases. Build a unique look that is affordable and precious in elegance. Decorate with cheap style that has a personal twist. Use inexpensive accent pillows for your sofa that have punchy, modern patterns. A mix of decorative dollar store dishes is great for a simple, exquisite table setting. Enrich your home from top to bottom with inspiring doses of elegance for inspired ambiance.

Love Your Surroundings

Personalize your home decor with a spin on modern style. Craft a pleasing decorative scheme that is economical and smart. Re-work your living spaces by changing colors from dark to light. Unify a modern look with matching finishes like wood, metal and glass.

Get organized with eye-catching, large baskets. De-clutter room areas to maximize space and gain access to decorative potential. A personalized approach to home decorating is exciting, fun and doable on a tight budget. Decorate with inexpensive home accessories in modern designs reflect your style and taste. They add a finishing touch and familiar comfort for your home.

Home decorating on a budget can be a fun chore or a big overwhelming drama. Let your personal style drive your energy and creative decorating ideas. Stretch your budget and manipulate it to make home spaces special and functional. Set the tone for inspirational decorating that is homey, eclectic and unique. Choose decor items that are budget-friendly, flexible and rich in stylish possibilities. A display of art objects from your travels, artwork that you create and hand-sewn pillows or curtains enhance a theme of personal treasures.

Dress your home interiors for simplicity or a re-designed scheme. Go space by space with personal decorating. Refer to inspiring designer homes for ideas on texture, finishes, room arrangements, layers and decorative details. Win with thrifty home decorating through confidence and determination. Creatively change home spaces for style that goes from dreary to dreamy with penny-wise decisions.

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carol7777 profile image

carol7777 3 years ago from Arizona

I had to read this and so agree...extra touches add so much. I am debating painting a few rooms and have to get in the paint mode. I love color around me...Great ideas here.going to pin.

EA 3 years ago

Thrifty decorating is a fun process that gets your creative juices going. I love color also. It makes my day!

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