Tiki Torches - Revolutionise Outdoor Relaxation.

The Tiki Torch is one of the oldest and most interesting pieces of outdoor decoration. It's simple, almost primal appeal has made it one of the most popular outdoor accents today. Tiki torches come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit anybodies design tastes. Even the most particular home designer would be hard pressed to not find a suitable tiki torch. However, it's very important to mind where you place your tiki torches, as safety can be a big concern with any open flame. Always be sure to place your tiki torches away from flammables. But some of you may be asking just what a tiki torch is. Here's a quick explanation.

Here is a good example of oil burning tiki torches which are constructed of bamboo.
Here is a good example of oil burning tiki torches which are constructed of bamboo.

What is a Tiki Torch?

A tiki torch is a bit of outdoor decoration that consists of a base with a pole extending from it which ends with some sort of flame-bearing top. Most tiki torches are constructed of bamboo or other organic materials. This lends to the very tropical vibe these bits of furnishing give off. There are however several kinds of metal tiki torch as well. Tiki torches can also come in a wide variety of different fuel types such as gas, oil, or citronella.

Choosing Your Tiki Torch

Anybody who knows anything about interior design will tell you choosing the right kind outdoor furnishing is important to the mood of the area. Most tiki torches are designed to give off a warm, tropical atmosphere. This relaxing effect, often enhanced by more than one tiki torch, is why this type of furnishing has remained so popular. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your tiki torch:

  • How large is your outdoor area? This is very important to ask yourself before purchasing your tiki torches. Smaller, table top tiki torches are great when space is limited, while full size bamboo tiki torches can't be beat for larger areas and parties!
  • Is there hanging brush, trees, or anything else flammable in the vicinity? This is extremely important to ask yourself for obvious reasons. Any open flame is dangerous, and making sure the area is clear before lighting your torches is incredibly important.
  • Do you have insect problems? Citronella tiki torches burn a special kind of oil that acts as a strong insect repellent. It should be noted however that these kinds of tiki torches should never be burned indoors.

Tiki Torches - Tips and Tricks

This is a great example of a metal tiki torch.
This is a great example of a metal tiki torch.

As with any piece of decoration, there are always a few things you can learn to best optimize it's impact. The tiki torch makes a very strong statement about your outdoor area or party. The tiki torch says to relax, and have fun on a summer evening or at the beach! Here are a few tricks to better amplify the tiki torches natural relaxing effects:

  • If you can afford the expense, consider buying a large number of tiki torches and arange them in a loose circle around your party area. This design will give the atmosphere of a tropical gathering which can be further accentuated with other tropical themed items such as drinks and food.
  • While less common than bamboo, metal tiki torches can be much more sturdy and hold up to the elements better, eliminating the need for a hasty clean-up if weather conditions change.
  • Some people prefer paraffin oil or gas tiki torches over the more common oil variety. These tiki torches have a much more clean burning flame than their oil based cousins. This allows for smaller versions of the torches to even be used indoors!

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Kathy Shepherd 6 years ago

I hadn't realized that a metal option is available for these torches. I think that is a great option if you are concerned about the torches standing up to the outdoors. Or you can also store these during the winters to keep them from the elements.

Tiki Torches 6 years ago

its a very attractive tiki torches which make very en joyfully evening.

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