Tinkerbell Bedding

Einstein said that imagination is much more important than knowledge. That is why we have the fairy stories and other myths that we do. That is why a myth that was dreamed up by an ancient Greek, Celt or Norseman thousands of years ago is just as relevant too us today. We tell our children these stories not only for their entertainment value, but because we want to stimulate that special place in their brain from where something new comes from. That place in our cerebral cortex that seems to produce characters, ideas and stories out of absolutely nowhere. The creative place that makes us human and so unique, that gives us a resemblance to the nature of God. Maybe that is what the ancients meant when they described us as made is the image of God. Anyway, this is why we surround our children with mythical images and what better way to do this than with Tinkerbell bedding.

Tinkerbell, as we all know was the constant companion of Peter Pan the boy that never grew up and would stick with him through all dangers, thick and thin. Probably the most famous image we have of the famous fairy is the Walt Disney version, where she very much looks like to young teenage version of Barbie, but with pointy ears. However with her being a mythical character she can appear in a variety of forms and looks, subject to certain traits of course like the wings, pointy ears, those incredible eyelashes and the seminal characteristic, the fairy dust. 

Thus if your little girl really loves her duvet emblazoned with this fantastic example of feminine fortitude, you can always get her another one with a slightly different version and image. She will most likely inquire as to this amazing metamorphosis to which you can tell her that Tink, as Peter often called her has the power to change. Thus, you will further stimulate that ever important imagination and cerebrum which can only be a good thing.

Another final great thing about Tinkerbell bedding is that it usually comes in and is suited to the color pink, and pink as a color means love, acceptance, contentment, calm feelings and relaxation, bet that will come in useful and the neutralization of disorder. All in all a great and appropriate way to decorate an energetic and adorable little girl’s bedroom; so check the different manifestations of the famous and ever adorable Tink and her personal linen line.


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