Free Juice and Drink Cups.

Free Juice and Drink Cups

Store bought Yogurt
Store bought Yogurt
Weekly Delivered Store Flyers
Weekly Delivered Store Flyers
Washed and Dried Empty Yogurt Cups
Washed and Dried Empty Yogurt Cups
Clean Yogurt Cups in Plastic Bag.
Clean Yogurt Cups in Plastic Bag.
Ready for the Relatives.
Ready for the Relatives.

Free Juice and Drink Cups.

After thinking about how we can save some money during the summer I came up with an idea that really works for us. Instead of sending the empty yogurt cups to the recycle bin, I wash them with with dinner dishes and when they are dry I stack them on the side of the sink. When I have a nice size stack I put them into the empty bag of our weekly, delivered Sale Flyers. I add a twist from an empty bread bag and I'm ready to store the Free Plastic cups for summertime drinks.

Is More Really Less?

I've come to realize that the larger container of Yogurt is not cost effective for my family. We tend to not measure the amount of yogurt that we scoop out of the larger containers. The smaller cups of yogurt are portion controlled and we each have one cup every other day which actually cost us less money.

Summer Drought.

For the last ten years there has not been enough rainfall in our area. We conserve everything during the summertime. From taking 5 minutes showers to using paper plates and cups. My sister and her family come to visit for a week in the summertime. With her growing family, I found that I was spending a lot of money on those plates and cups. I tried my yogurt cup idea and was happy that her children used my Free Cups and discarded them after they finished there drink. I had a smile on my face when I saw her youngest child go to those cups every time he wanted to have a drink. He even saved his cup for dinnertime drinks. Now if I can only get my husband to have his cocktail in one of those cups...

Until we meet again...Francesca27

Free Juice and Drink Cups.

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Efficient Admin profile image

Efficient Admin 4 years ago from Charlotte, NC

This is a great idea - to save the yogurt containers to reuse. Some even come with their own lids. Thanks for sharing.

Francesca27 profile image

Francesca27 4 years ago from Hub Page Author

Dear Efficient Admin: Every penny save away my friend.

profile image

NTR57 4 years ago

Great idea! Plus, the yogurt cups are just the right size for little children. They are also stronger then paper or plastic cups.

Blessed Success profile image

Blessed Success 3 years ago from Kansas City, Kansas

Great tip. Our family of 5 kidsand 2 adults plus all the neighbor kids use a ton of cups!

Francesca27 profile image

Francesca27 3 years ago from Hub Page Author

I save them up for when my nephews visit in the summertime. I do all I can to use things up.

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