Why Should Kids Have Their Own Room?

Why Should Have a Kids Room ?

The supremacy of the children is in their own rooms-the place where they play, study and sleep. There they are the kings. Parents and elders are only their subjects. So luxury should be at its best in their kingdom. In most cases the children above ten years also sleep with their parents. But according to physiologists the children should be placed in separate rooms while sleeping.

Importance of Separate Rooms

Unfortunately, it is not always possible for all children in a house to have their own rooms. It may be because of economic circumstances or family size. But if possible providing a separate room for kids has many advantages. Separate rooms have a great role both logistically and for the sake of child development. Providing a special and separate space for them within the house will definitely help them to develop independence and responsibility as they mature.

Kids room

Wall Treatment Ideas For Kid Rooms
Wall Treatment Ideas For Kid Rooms
Pink kids room design for girls
Pink kids room design for girls
Play space in kids room
Play space in kids room

Benefits of Kids Having Their Own Rooms

  • Feeling of Privacy

Children learn about privacy and want more of it as they get older. Owing their own room allows children to get dressed and undressed behind a closed door without feeling uncomfortable or humiliated.

  • Uninterrupted playtime

Most children like to play alone. Separate rooms would be a great refuge to children who like to spend time by reading quietly or play by themselves in their vivid world of imagination. Time by themselves can help them recharge if your child is a thoughtful introvert.

  • Protection of their possessions

Having a separate room is readily acceptable by kids who have younger siblings. It is mainly because they feel that their possessions are much safe from the destructive hands of a smaller child. In such a room they can keep their toys, books and other things safe. Any complex puzzles or construction sets that are not finished in one sitting can be kept behind a closed door where they are not damaged by a curious younger brother or sister.

  • Place to host friends

Your children would have friends and they won't want to be interrupted by anyone while they are in their own discussions. Having a separate room will help your children get a place to socialize without being pestered.

  • Cooling down place

A place where there is no one else is best for everyone to deal with anger and frustration more effectively. Hence a separate room would be a cool down place for children in such situations. A quiet cool place would be the best place for children who just had a fight with a sibling.

  • To become responsible

If children have a room for their own they will soon turn to be responsible. This will teach them to keep their toys and books tidy and their clothes folded and kept aside in their proper place. Make your children clean their room and straighten their beds. Turn these habits into a routine just like they brush their teeth daily.

  • Enhance creativity and decision making ability

Children having separate rooms are actually getting a place where they have some control over their environment. Allow them to decorate their room in the way they prefer. Permit them to choose the paint colour for the walls or location for posters. Even kids want to create their room by their own. Parents will never know what kinds of room their kids want if they do not let their kids express or show their interest. Such opportunities give them a more solid sense of self-esteem where they can make their own decisions.

How to Decorate a Kids Room

Put them in a Single room

It is better to provide with two small ones rather than providing a big bed if the kids’ room is being shared by two brothers. During the sleeping hours it can be put together. The things like small table, chair, Computer table, a box made of cane or wood for storing toys, hook for hanging clothes etc are some of the most important things that the kids room should consists of. If the kids’ room is a big one, it is good to put a sofa set to see outer scenes. Later modification could be done according to their growth. While dealing with the kids rooms of newly born child and of the teenage it should be with good imagination and efficiency

Kids Room Decoration Items

The most important thing in their room is decoration. Give your children the chance to decorate their room in their own ideas. It has got two main advantages. The first is to help kids identify the different kinds of rooms. The second is to enhance their creativity which is good for children's mind development.

The room should be built in such a form that they could use it even when they grow up. In every stage of growth the modification should be done only for walls and furniture. The room should be near the parent’s room or at a common place where they could be watched. Before providing the room their taste must be asked. There is no wrong if they wish to stick the picture of Mickey Mouse that they find in their friend’s room.

Selecting kid’s room furniture

When we construct or beautify, there is an important aspect we may miss; the likes of children. Now, to decorate children’s room, variety of furniture are available that are cute and invoke childhood memories. For the kid to climb on, cots with little ladder, teddy bear shaped pillows to decorate the bed, table and chair suitable for the kid to read and write etc are freely available in the market. Such kiddie furniture gives them priceless moments of enthusiasm.

Passionate kids Furniture

This adds enthusiasm for him to study. Boat shaped or toy shaped book shelf to keep his books, small cupboard for the kid, a colorful kid cupboard to keep his little dresses and his priceless gifts that are valuable to him only, a small cabinet to keep his toys that too at his reach, Mickey mouse, Spider-man and cartoon character that suits the imagination of the kids, for decorating the walls of his room etc can be selected to beautify his room.Like this, let your child grow in a fete atmosphere which is amiable to him.

However some people consider that it is not necessary for kids to have their own rooms. It’s mainly because they think parents can’t take necessary attention on them as they are alone in their rooms. But as mentioned earlier the rooms for kids must be selected as one which is easily noticeable. Though they are given separate rooms it is the duty of parents to make sure that they don’t use their rooms to do something that is disappointing.

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AllMomNeeds2know profile image

AllMomNeeds2know 7 years ago

I agree you have to have the room grow with your child. My kids love the dollar store room stickers. I love the cost and they love to stick what ever they want on their walls..

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Kids love that also they write on wall using sketch pens So provide a separate space in wall for them to do what ever they want to do

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

I think they want private. when they grow up, the room is ready. thanks for share

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen Author

giving private rooms to grown up kids is not ok with some aspects ,any way thanks for comments

Greatlife profile image

Greatlife 6 years ago

I really liked what you have to say, there is an improvement in the kids if they grow independantly. Separate rooms gives them the idea to be creative and have more fun.

aleida_77 profile image

aleida_77 6 years ago from Los Angeles

Devoting a room strictly to the kids is a great way to give them a little ownership of their space, and it encourages them to be a little independent. Nice hub.

bunk beds for kids 5 years ago

A kids room allows your children to have their personal space wherein they can just hangout, play and learn. Kids are really messy and you also don't want to have their toys mess up with other stuffs in the house. So, you might as well provide them with a room where they can do everything they want.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi Greatlife,

Separate rooms are the bet for changing a child to be creative and do things with much more responsibility. Thanks for leaving a comment on the hub.

Hi aleida77,

ya, Very happy to find that my hub was interesting to you.

Hi bunk beds for kids,

Having a separate room stops the other rooms of a house from being messed up with the things of kids. That was a good point. thanks for commenting.

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