Tips from NC Movers: Moving can be Environmentally Friendly

Truth is, you’ll save a lot of money by taking the environment a little more seriously. Even small changes and mindfulness as you plan and execute your move can make a huge impact. By reading through these tips, we hope you’ll feel inspired and empowered to make some smart investments of your time and actions for the sake of the environment, future generations, your possessions, and your wallet.

Find a Home for Stuff You Don’t Want

It will be helpful to clear out the clutter of items you know you don’t need as one of the earliest steps you take in the moving process. North Carolina movers have many options all over the state for where to take appliances, used clothing, electronics, and recyclables. A quick Google Maps search using the key words of the item along with “recycle” or “donate” will produce a map to local nonprofits, charities, thrift stores, or recycling centers for almost any item. You may even consider a museum for some of the most valuable antiques. Generally all donation centers will also issue a tax receipt that will help with your taxes at the end of the year.

•Yard sales are great for recycling items and making a little extra moving money. Some may take the yard sale as an opportunity to say goodbye to neighbors or to meet some of the neighbors in the new neighborhood. Always remember the quip ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’

•Your books don’t have to weigh your truck down and cost you gas. If you’re done with them, donate them to a local library where others can read them.

You Don’t Have to Pack Your Stuff With Trash

Foam Peanuts are so durable that they will be around for many generations after you have finished moving but this isn’t a good thing. Often they are just taking up space in a landfill, keeping otherwise compostable trash from turning back into earth. If you can avoid them, you should make every effort. Further, many movers pack their stuff with old newspapers that contain ink and too often the ink has made its way off of the page and onto the good china. Unfortunately for some of folks this can be a huge waste of valuable antiques. You can buy ink free newspaper at a reasonable price from most North Carolina movers; it is light weight and recyclable so always a good option. But why not pack your stuff with other stuff that you own and are moving already like sheets and clothing?

•Socks make for great fillers for cups and a shirt or pair of slacks between your plates is a pretty good protection device for those favorite plates. Need an effective partition? Try a folded towel. A lot better than newspaper and it’s free. No added weight or size because you were planning on packing them anyway.

•Don’t discard the newspapers either as they will come in handy in places. You can recycle them as well when you’ve finished using them, so as long as you have items that won’t be harmed by their ink, you should use them often.

•Avoiding making trash is the basic principle here. Even the boxes you use can be folded and stored for other moving occasions for yourself or for friends and family, even neighbors.

•You may actually want to purchase high quality plastic boxes for important stuff that will remain in boxes. This is because it doesn’t need to be replaced and can be less of any eye sore than cardboard boxes.

Be Aware: Hazards May Not Be Movable

If it can explode, corrode, or catch fire while on the road (like fertilizer, chemicals of all kinds, liquid bleach, paint thinners, batteries, ammunition, etc.), then many North Carolina movers will not move it. You won’t want to move it either but the good news is that movers have all kinds of options for disposing of these chemicals. Some areas of North Carolina even offer one day per month that they will pick up your hazards.

•Don’t forget that many electronics can be hazardous too. Do your best to donate or to find places that will take old or broken electronics so that you can avoid throwing them in the trash.

•In addition, perishables are often not movable. Preplanning for your move can prevent over stock of food in the fridge or cabinets. If this is not possible and you like to cook or you like to party, then try throwing a themed going away party where the theme is “clean your plate”. Instead of buying dips and or party food, make all the perishables into creative appetizers or side dishes and have a little fun while you say good-bye.

Keep it Up After the Move; Environmentally Friendly Habits

Playing a part in helping the environment is an important set of habits to develop in today’s world. Not only does it help the environment but it can also save you tons of money over the years. The information you learn as you plan your move is valuable to keep in mind. For example all the kinds of resources you find online to help you, like recycling facilities, you are likely to find in both your old town and the new one. You may even find that you have just as much stuff to donate after you arrive as you did when you left.

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