Tips on How to Buy Your First Memory Foam Mattress

Are you in the market for a new mattress? If so, buying a memory foam mattress may be your best deal, depending on what you're looking for.

Memory foam it is a relatively new development, and is actually something called "viscoelastic" foam, originally developed by NASA for use in its space programs. It's become very popular as a mattress material because of the complete and yet utterly comfortable support it can provide you while you sleep, so that you have truly what is the best sleep possible.

It can be difficult to determine what you should buy if you're in the market for your first foam bed. Let's take a look at some options you have.

Foam mattress, or foam topper?

It's not always necessary to replace the entire mattress. Because entire beds made of memory foam can be pretty pricey (more than $2000 for really good models), a good cost effective way to get many of the benefits of memory foam without the price tag is by choosing a foam topper instead. Or, a good "in between" option if you really do need a new bed is to choose a new mattress that's of the traditional inner spring structure (pricing at about $400 or so for a good "middle-of-the-road" mattress), and then choosing a mattress foam topper of a couple inches' thickness (usually priced at about $100 or so), thus giving you a comfortable mattress for about a fourth the price or so of a full foam bed.

Buying a memory foam bed

Of course, doing the "traditional inner spring plus mattress topper" compromise isn't going to give you all of the advantages of memory foam, not least of which is that if you have a sleeping partner, you're still going to have the transfer of motion difficulties you'll have with any typical bed. Memory foam doesn't transfer motion, so a full memory foam mattress of this type is going to be a good option for you if you don't want to disturb your partner or vice versa when sleeping.

Starting out small

Simply starting out with foam pillows for your bed is also a good way to utilize memory foam's benefits -- and you can see how memory foam works, too in this way, relatively inexpensively. Memory foam pillows are quite inexpensive and available in a variety of places, so that you can try memory foam simply by buying a couple of pillows before you decide to go with more expensive bed options made from memory foam.

Buying your memory foam products

Memory foam pillows or memory foam mattress toppers can easily be bought on the Internet, and many manufacturers produce them quite inexpensively. Do some comparison shopping and read customer reviews before you buy.

If you are considering purchasing an entire memory foam bed, don't skimp on quality; although price ranges are very diverse, a good memory foam bed that's going to last you about 20 years (the same as a conventional mattress) is going to cost you about $2000. It's a good idea if you can to go and actually lie on a memory foam bed so that you know it's right for you before you buy.

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