Tongue and Groove Knotty Pine Planking - Unique Board and Paneling Applications


Many people looking at various home improvement projects may want to consider tongue and groove knotty pine planking.  It has many unique applications that go way beyond simple paneling that many people my want to consider.  While natural wood and composite PVC types of boards are out there for sale, sometimes cheap, it is really interesting to look at the many ways to use the paneling or 2x6 boards that go beyond traditional wood paneling options for walls.  Let’s look at some of the ways you can use tongue and groove knotty pine planking to make a dramatic improvement in your home.

Walls:  Yes, this is the obvious use for tongue and groove knotty pine planking 2x6 boards or paneling sheets.  You could do the entire room in the wood, or you could simply do an accent wall.  Either way, you’ll often get a nice rustic feeling, similar to what you would expect at a cabin or cottage.

Framing and Trimming:  You could use tongue and groove knotty pine planking in board form for framing pictures or even sections of walls as a trim option.  If you have some decent carpentry skills, you can make it look great, whether you use it for trim work or for framing up photos or even posters on a wall.

Countertop:  If you are looking for ways to use tongue and groove knotty pine planking boards (not paneling), you could actually consider using it to make a countertop.   You will need to apply several coats of polyurethane, for water repellency and hardness, but it could work for light use or in a non-kitchen application, like a laundry countertop. Composite or faux wood materials will also work.

Cabinet Making:  Have you ever looked at how nice tongue and groove knotty pine planking looks when used as a cabinet face?  It looks great!  You can consider this for your kitchen projects.

Unique Backsplash:  If you use real wood tongue and groove knotty pine planking 2x6 boards, they could make a nice looking and rustic backsplash if you seal them really well.  Otherwise, composite or PVC materials would work great instead of real wood.

Flooring:  If you decide to use tongue and groove knotty pine planking for flooring, make sure you only choose that which is labeled for such use, so it lasts for years and years to come.  Do not use wall boards or paneling for your floor or it just won’t last nearly as long as it should.

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Megan Coogle 5 years ago from Alabama

Really informative! Thanks.

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