Tongue and Groove Porch Flooring Materials


Tongue and Groove porch flooring is available in many styles and colors.  You will not find a problem in getting the type of board planking you are looking for to finish up your deck and make it look great.  There are actually several different materials used to make this type of planking that you may want to consider.  You will quickly find that tongue and groove porch flooring is a great option for your deck and with so many choices, you’re sure to find one you really like.  Here’s the materials used.

Pine:  There are several types of pine. You can choose southern or yellow pine, for example.  In addition, you could actually choose heart pine tongue and groove porch flooring.  You will find this to be a somewhat cheap, or at least cheaper, option to use on your deck.   In most cases, the deck or patio will need to be covered to limit exposure to weather.

Cedar:  You will find cedar to be a really good choice for tongue and groove porch flooring.  Cedar naturally resists decay and will last for years, in most applications, even outdoors.  Cedar is very lightweight, which makes it really easy to work with, especially if you are going to install the product yourself.  You will find that cedar tongue and groove porch flooring is an excellent choice your outdoor, covered deck or patio.  It’s long lasting and not too expensive.  If exposed to the elements of poor weather it will typically hold up much better than pine. 

PVC:  Many of the faux wood, made of PVC tongue and groove porch flooring choices, are reasonably priced, but are a little more expensive than most wood options.  This is because the PVC boards will not rot, splinter, and in many cases, will not fade in the sun.  This makes PVC a great choice for many looking to spruce up their deck or patio.  This type of material, unlike wood, can withstand the elements for years without showing wear.  For many, this makes PVC tongue and groove porch flooring one of the best choices for anyone looking for quality to last for years to come.

Composite:  Not all composite tongue and groove porch flooring is made of PVC.  Some is made of recycled plastic and some may actually have some rubber in it.  The price on this option will vary greatly, but in general, it will not be one of the cheap options, if that’s ultimately what you are looking to get.

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