Tongue and Groove Porch Flooring - PVC or Recycled Plastic are Great Choices


If you are looking for tongue and groove porch flooring, then you may want to consider composite decking, often made of PVC or recycled plastic.  There are many benefits to this type of 2x6 boards that you can use for your deck or covered patio.  You will be surprised at how many positive aspects there are to this type of material, compared to the traditional materials, like Pine or Cedar.  Let’s look at why you should strongly consider PVC tongue and groove porch flooring for your decking material.

Long Term Savings:  If you use treated pine or even cedar tongue and groove porch flooring, you will need to spend some money each year or two on upkeep and maintenance.  You may need to seal the deck, for example.  In addition, you will probably need to stain the deck again every few years.  This means that while wood is cheaper initially, the long term economical choice is most definitely PVC or another type of composite decking. 

Longest Lasting:  It will last almost forever, which is why this type of tongue and groove porch flooring is so popular.  While other materials, like yellow pine or cedar will decay, PVC lasts and lasts.  It will probably outlast you.

No Slip Surface Options:  You can buy PVC tongue and groove porch flooring boards with a slip resistant surface.  This can be very important, especially if you have kids or any elderly people that will use the deck.  It always pays to be safe, even with the decking material you choose to use.

Time Saving:  Your PVC tongue and groove porch flooring will help to save time.  Without the need to stain and seal the decking, the cost of installation will be less if you hire it out.  If you do it yourself, you will save some time and energy while installing it. 

Consistent Color:  Unlike stained pine, composite plastic tongue and groove porch flooring will have a very consistent color throughout.  This means scratches will not show up nearly as well.  As long as scratching is brought up, the PVC decking will resist scratching and denting much better than wood.

Choices and Options:  You can get pretty much any color you want these days when you go out to buy.  You will be able to choose from 2x6 decking boards or other sizes, too.  You will not run out of options when it comes to tongue and groove porch flooring.  In fact, the choices you have could be overwhelming.

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bayoulady profile image

bayoulady 5 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

I have seen these decks and they are beautiful!

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