Top 10 Trends in Kids Furniture

Do you remember sitting at the kids table when you were a child? Most likely this was a non-descript plastic table or card table that was smaller and more boring than the table that the adults were using. That’s not the case for kids today. Today’s kids furniture is aesthetically interesting, uniquely designed and has added cool characteristics like being eco-friendly.

Are your curious about what’s going on with kids furniture? Here are ten of the top trends in this industry today:

Green Furniture

Kids furniture today is designed to be eco-friendly, sustainable and healthy for children. It is very common for the furniture to be organic and made with non-toxic processes. We want our kids to be green so the furniture we supply them with should reflect that. This is a trend that started a few years ago and is continuing strongly to this day.

Bright Colors

Bright colors that aren’t gender specific. It is not nearly as common as it used to be for girls to have pink furniture and boys to have blue furniture. Today’s kids furniture is usually done in bright colors that are great for both genders. Greens, yellows, oranges and bright blues are popular. 

Bold Graphics

These colors aren’t just being put together with polka dots and stripes. There is a huge trend towards using bright colors in bold graphic designs and patterned upholstery.

Black and White Furniture

Although bright colors are definitely a trend, there’s also a parallel trend towards black and white furniture. Many parents are interested in providing their kids’ rooms with a look that is very modern and edgy. The two trends can be combined when a room that’s mostly done in black and white has some pops of colorful furniture added to it.

Space Savers

The economy has caused many families to scale back including making the choice to move to smaller homes or rent out extra rooms. The result is that there’s been an increase in the need for space-savings kids’ furniture. Bunk beds are popular again. Beds with storage underneath them are popular. Space-saving organizing systems are popular. You get the idea.

Handmade Furniture

Another trend launched as a result of the recession has been the trend to make your own items for kids in order to save money. Parents who are handy with tools may actually make their own metal or wooden kids’ furniture. More common, though, you’ll find homemade accessories for the furniture. For example knitted and crocheted bedding for kids is popular again.

Designer Kids Furniture

As a backlash against the recession some people have overcompensated and started a trend towards high-end furniture for kids. Kids furniture designed in the style of Italian villas and Parisian home interiors are not uncommon as a trend among people who have the money to spare. 

Children's Desks

One of the most popular kids furniture items is the desk. Kids spend so much time these days on computers that it is highly common for them to have their own computer desks. The desk may be in the child’s bedroom or in a common area. The trend is typically towards small, organized desks with a lot of drawers and cubbies.

Personalized Furniture

An emerging trend is furniture that kids can write on. For example, beds and even floors may be painted with chalkboard paint so kids can draw on them, or chairs (like the one above) that can you can place a photo of your child in.

Retro Trends

There are a few trends that were in favor in the past, fell out of favor and are now starting to creep back. For example, Asian influence in children’s furniture design is beginning to make a comeback. Likewise, bohemian styles are beginning to pop up again. It’s a great time to pull stuff out of storage and revamp it for the kids.

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Oakfurnituresol profile image

Oakfurnituresol 4 years ago from Bristol

This is an informative and fun hub which gives a brilliant overview of the latest trends in children's furniture. I agree that less gender specific furniture is more common and made to order children's furniture seems to be more popular too.

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