Best Budget HDTV 55, 42, and 32 Inch Wall Mounts 2013

My Choice for Top Wall Mount - Full Motion Dual Arm from Cheetah
My Choice for Top Wall Mount - Full Motion Dual Arm from Cheetah

Are you looking for the right wall-mount for your LCD or Plasma TV? There are a lot of questions you may have when shopping for an LCD TV, however; when shopping for the best wall mount you want something that strong, simple to install, and flexible. Because I Have a 32 Inch LCD TV along with a 42 and 55 inch LCD TV, I thought I would pass along a few things that I have learned to help you in your search for the right wall mount.

Why you Should purchase a wall mount online - When you go into a store they generally advertise cheap prices for televisions. What they don't advertise is their outrageous prices for accessories! Online the world is your store, when you go to a specific store and look at a t.v. they have you right where they want you. Just this month I went to a local electronics store and I saw one of these wall mounts listed below for 3x the price. See below for the price difference!

Why do people hesitate to buy online? - For some it's security, some want it now, some just don't know the difference, and some think they are going to have to pay more in shipping then it would just cost to get at the store. Besides getting the product now, buying online, especially at a store like amazon, is completely secure and most of the time you can get the shipping completely free!

*Online Shopping Tip - Wholesale Pricing

When shopping on Amazon make sure to look at the "wholesale pricing" to get the advertised lowest price. Sometimes you can get the exact item for a fraction of the Amazon price. Make sure to include shipping in your calculation to get it as cheap as possible.

For my choices I have taken into consideration: 1. Price vs. specs 2. Customer Reviews 3. Durability 4. Personal Experience.

32, 42, 55 Inch Wall Mounts

My Choice for Best Full Motion or Swivel Wall mount


When I think of seeing similar wall mounts in popular electronics stores for 5 times this price I just shake my head. You can now get a full motion wall mount for $49.99! Out of the 196 reviews on Amazon 123 of them are five stars! I trust the consumer first and foremost when shopping online! This Wall mount has over 30Lbs of steel for worry free mounting. It's dual arms extend to over 20 inches and fold to less than 5 inches. Swivels up to 120 Degrees with a tilt of +- 15 degrees. All hardware included. For HDTVs that are 32-55" and up to 165LBS. Here's a customer review from amazon:

"I bought a 50" Plasma and decided it would be best on my wall. I went looking through stores and found higher prices than this one and bulkier designs.

I love the articulating arms!! I can pull it away from the wall to access the wires, etc. and adjust the left to right tilt for best viewing. It seems very sturdy and has worked great for me the last six months.

It was easy enough to mount to the wall but if you are not good with tools seek experienced assistance. You will need someone to hold it up for you unless you are good at this sort of thing. The hardest part was hanging the TV and that was only due to the weight of it."

Wall Mount Installation requires at least 2 people, a drill, and a stud-finder. I've done it with my t.v.s and I am not a home improvement expert at all! It's one of the easier projects my wife and I have done together.

Best Tilt Wall Mount

If you don't need full motion/swivel for your t.v., then consider one of the options at the right. These are all highly rated options that you will encounter no problems with. I truly recommend purchasing the one that is cheapest and has free shipping. Amazon also offers free bundle packages with their items. The Video Secu Wall Mount currently comes with a free 7 ft HDMI cable.

I hope you've found this hub useful, if you have, then please leave a comment. This allows more people to see the recommendations I've made. I write for HubPages because it's fun, easy, and provides a good supplemental income. If this sounds like you, then you can join here. Make sure to join the "30 hubs in 30 days challenge". If you do join, then send me a message and I'll give you a pointers to help you be successful. If you're looking for a tv, then I recommend this site on the best led HDTVs.

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