Top 5 Crystal Wine Goblets, Glasses and Stemware for Best Gifts

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Crystal Wine Goblets

Are you searching for a best gifts idea for a new bride and groom? Odds are great that they have chosen from among one of these top 5 crystal wine goblets or stemware producers and hope to adorn their dinner table with one or more designs of these sparkling crystal glasses.

Obviously one can check bridal registries to see the bride and groom preferences and can order the crystal goblets from that retail store. But seldom do you find sales on such items such as can be found shopping online with Amazon products and most often the shipping is not only hassle free but also free of charge.

Thus with a few clicks of your computer mouse you can have that very special set of crystal goblets on its way to the happy gift recipients.

Perhaps this is not a gift for others. Are you wishing to toast a special occasion of your own with a pair of crystal fluted glasses and keep those as a part of what will become a cherished memory? Or are you starting your own crystal stemware collection to have available when serving dinner guests? You may be very pleased that you landed on this Hubpage when you see the comparison pricing on these tasteful items!

Riedel - Glass Production - The Wine Glass Company

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Where Riedel crystal originated...

Riedel Crystal

Professor Claus Riedel revolutionized the art of creating wine glasses by bringing his wine specific Sommeliers collection to the attention of wine connoisseurs worldwide in 1973.

Prior to that most wine glasses were fairly similar in shape with some being a bit smaller or larger and most all of them were thicker.

Closely working with master oenophiles it was determined that tweaking the designs of the glasses to match the characteristics of different wines actually maximized the aroma and flavor of those wines.

Reidel crystal glasses now come in all sizes and shapes.

This Austrian family of master glassware makers and designers are represented around the world in upper end retail establishments. The Riedel firm was founded in 1756 and Claus Riedel was President of the family establishment from 1957 until he passed that position on to his son, Georg in 1994.

Reidel wine glasses are very lightweight (almost ephemeral) compared to many other types of crystal stemware and the clarity of the crystal is superb.

The thin rim of the glass between one's lips as one savors the enhanced flavors of various wines is a personal favorite.

Known wine expert Robert Parker has expressed his views with regards to what the Riedel family has created with their superb variety of stemware. Riedel crystal wine goblets truly marry with and enhance a wine lover's experience.

Waterford Crystal

Waterford crystal goblets

Waterford, Ireland was the first site of what was to eventually become world-renowned fine crystal creations known by the name of Waterford.

It was founded in 1783 by George and William Penrose and that first company closed in 1851.

Waterford crystal resurfaced in 1947 and has gone through a tortuous series of different ownership and manufacturing facilities.

Today it is produced in locations such as Germany and the Czech Republic under the ownership of the company WWRD Holdings, Ltd.

Waterford crystal goblets are typically a heavier type of goblet with cut glass designs.

Many people including some of our friends choose this type of fine crystal to grace their dining tables.

Can you envision some of these Waterford crystal goblets on your table?

A markerIreland -
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Where Waterford crystal was born.

Do you know how to choose stemware to enhance wine?

Vera Wang

Most people have probably heard about Vera Wang fashions because of her exquisite wedding dresses worn by such people as Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Holley Hunter and others who have chosen her detailed creations for their wedding days.

Growing up in New York and being the child of affluent Chinese American parents, Vera Wang attended private schools and regularly flew to see fashion shows in Paris with her parents. So she was not a stranger to this lifestyle.

Her work history includes working for Vogue magazine as senior fashion director for 16 years and she also worked a a design director for Ralph Lauren for a period of time.

When the Olympic ice skater Nancy Kerrigan wore that filmy and most beautiful white Vera Wang dress when competing, Vera Wang's reputation became even more wide-spread. Michelle Kwan, another Olympic skater has worn her designs. Vera Wang has personally competed in international skating competitions so definitely has an idea of how her fashions dress a body while doing those gymnastic feats on ice.

From her first luxury salon showing bridal collections in 1990, Vera Wang branding has now been expanded to include not only crystal goblets but extends to fragrance, designer eyewear, jewelry, shoes and other things found in home collections...even such things as mattresses!

Here is a selection of Vera Wang crystal wine goblets at very good pricing. Would you enjoy toasting your sweetheart with some Vera Wang crystal?

Orrefors - orrefors art glass

A markerSweden -
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The home of Orrefors.

Orrefors crystal

This Swedish glass and crystal maker first originated in 1725 when Lars Johan Silversparre built a furnace and smithy at "the beautiful river that flows into Lake Orrenas." The iron works was named Orrefors which means "the Orre waterfall." This was near the small village of Kosta.

From that small beginning, production was ramped up significantly in the 1910s when the glass-works came under the ownership of Johan Ekman of Gothenburg.

He hired Simon Gate who was an artist classically trained in portraits and landscapes in the year 1916.

The following year the artist Edward Hald who had studied under the artist Matisse and who created more modern designs joined the firm.

Creating glass-works and fine crystal became intertwined with fine artistry due to these artist's influence.

At the Paris Exhibition in 1925, Orrefors and the artists Simon Gate and Edward Hald won the Grand Prix Medal catapulting Orrefors onto the international market of fine crystal makers.

From that early beginning new artists and fine craftsmen keep the image of Orrefors alive and flourishing. Everything from heavy cut glass to intricately embossed crystal to simple and unadorned lines of fine reflective goblets can be found in their offerings.

All of these fine crystal houses make not only crystal wine goblets but other objects of beauty as well.

Do you like Orrefor's crystal? Wouldn't a pair of these superb glasses make a great gift?

...Mikasa Dining...


All Star Trading founded in 1936 was the precursor to Mikasa.

Mikasa in Japanese means "three umbrellas."

The main reason for this company's success is that they own no manufacturing facilities and contract out all of their production.

This makes them very flexible depending upon the value of global currencies and labor costs.

In the 1970s crystal stemware was added to their lines of other merchandise which includes cookware, bath accessories and a host of other household goods.

Much of Mikasa's continuing success is due to the fact that they price their goods to attract a broader range of the buying public, not simply concentrating on those with higher incomes.

Due to reasonable pricing, one does not have to have butlers and maids in order to enjoy some Mikasa crystal wine goblets in one's home!

Which of these crystal wine goblets do you prefer?

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Hope you enjoyed reading a bit more information about the history of these top 5 crystal wine goblet and stemware makers. They do make for terrific gifts for yourself or others!


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Peggy W 3 years ago from Houston, Texas Author

Hello beko,

There are many other fine makers of crystal. I just chose to focus on these for this article. Thanks for adding information about one that you really like.

beko 3 years ago

Hello, and what about the royal crystal rock, is also an old company and with beautiful wine glass, i have many wine glass from waterford and others but i love on top of all the royal crystal rock due to is lovely design,brightness. Honestly i can not understand why R.C.R. is not mention.

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Peggy W 6 years ago from Houston, Texas Author

Hello funky23,

Thanks for commenting on this top 5 crystal wine goblets and stemware for best gifts hub. Judging from the past 3 hubs of mine in which you have left comments, I am guessing that you are a wine lover. Is that correct?

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funky23 6 years ago from Deutschland

absolutely well done

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Peggy W 6 years ago from Houston, Texas Author

Hello Prasetio,

Thanks for taking a look at this top 5 crystal wine goblets hub. Yes, fine crystal always makes it as a best gifts item. Wishing you a wonderful and Happy New Year in turn. Always happy to see you commenting on my hubs! :-)

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