Top 5 Summer Storage Projects

Any house, new or old, can do with some extra storage space. Many turn to storage facilities to provide storage, but a Greensboro storage facility offers these few simple, inexpensive, and creative ideas for increasing your storage space this summer.

1. Build Storage Under the Staircase

Chances are the space just under your staircase is empty and wasted. The good thing is that with a few hundred dollars or less you can transform it into a nice storage option. You can build shelving, cabinets, and drawers or maybe even a bench where the seat lifts up and you’ve create additional seating and storage. If you have enough space you can even frame it out as a closer and put up a door. After you decide what type of storage you need and take measurements, you can get started.

2. Build Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets help you use the space in large rooms more effectively, and they look quite awesome as well, a design feature that makes your house more interesting. You won’t need more than a couple hundred dollars for this summer storage project. Begin by designing the cabinets on paper, ensuring that you take accurate measurements. Then cut the lumber yourself, if you have the experience and tools, or better, ask your local carpenter to do it; you should have two side pieces, a narrow back, top and bottom pieces, and shelves. Glue all the pieces together and secure joints with a nail gun and screws. Then paint it to match the style of your room.

3. Build Simple Garage Shelves

Simple, stout shelves will help you sort out a cluttered garage in no time. Moreover, it will make it easier for you to find tools and items when you need them. After you determine how tall and long the shelves will be, find strong, sturdy wood – it doesn’t have to be beautiful – cut it accordingly, and nail it together. It’s important that you do this properly because garage shelves need to hold a lot of weight without sagging, or worse, falling apart.

4. Turn an Old Cabinet Into a Linen Closet For Your Bathroom

Do you happen to have an old cabinet you’re about to throw away? Well, don’t trash it yet. Clean it and repaint it and rearrange its shelves if you have to, and then ask your buddies to help you move it to the bathroom. Add basket-style drawers and fill them with towels and bottles and all the other items that lay scattered all over your bathroom, and close the door. You’ve not only saved an old cabinet, but also tidied up your bathroom.

5. Use a Wardrobe As a Cabinet to Increase Pantry Space

A stylish, well-chosen wardrobe with shelves will look interesting in the kitchen, and arouse the curiosity of all your guests. What could it contain? Pantry stuff of course. You can store in it food and drinks and kitchen tools and utensils as well. But for this storage project to work you must choose the right wardrobe, one that fits in the kitchen. If needed, paint and new hardware are an inexpensive way to update it to fit with the rest of your décor.

These projects will help you add valuable new storage space to your home. If you still need more space though, don’t worry, you can always find a storage facility with reasonably priced options.

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LeslieOutlaw profile image

LeslieOutlaw 3 years ago from South Carolina

Great ideas for storage solutions. All of these ideas are appealing. I love the storage space under the stairs. Thanks for sharing :)


Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 3 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks Leslie! I am a big fan of all the shelving and storage ideas under the stairs too!

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