Top Notch Interior Design

A gracious home is one of the great pleasures of life. A lovely home can truly calm the spirit and provide respite from the challenges of life. Putting together beautiful home and d├ęcor can seem impossible to some people who don't possess the "know-how." Take it slowly, with one goal at a time and transform your domicile piece by piece.

Glass Cookie Jars With Lids

Glass cookie jars with lids can look charming but only if they are part of a collection. One single glass cookie jar does not achieve the same effect. Get quite a few of them and line them up on shelves. Many use these for different types of beans or pasta types and it looks very well. One of the most important principles of interior design is repetition. Therefore, the repetition of objects is what creates an attractive look.

Bowl of Seashells

Seashells bring the energy of nature into the home and it can be very calming. Life is very stressful these days for many and a calming influence is very welcome. Naturally, if you live near the ocean you can gather these yourself. If not, you may need to order them. Online auction websites are good sources but there are many others. Even gift shops and dollar stores have been known to carry seashells from time to time.

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Copper Pots are Visually Appealing.

Copper pots are distinctive and should be displayed as a set. They are also functional. Some of the best items to display in a home serve a dual purpose of usefulness as well as beauty. The look of copper pots can brighten a kitchen. They look very striking hanging on the wall with their bright, cheerful look. Copper pots are less used and most people don't have them so they are something very different to have in the kitchen.

Large Religious Symbols as Focal Point

Many people love to collect religious symbols. A large religious symbol as a centerpiece in a room can be wonderful. Religious symbols also have spiritual meaning and bring the home a sense of peace and protection. In fact, some people have even set up their own meditation or prayer center in their home. Religious symbols can create a very distinctive look.

These are some of the elements of top- notch interior design. Collecting things like copper pots, seashells and glass jars look very nice in the home. You may want to collect religious symbols as well. Won't your home look great with these special details?

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MizBejabbers profile image

MizBejabbers 10 months ago

I found that the linings in copper pots don't hold up well, so any that I have are for decorative purposes only.

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