Top Three Ways To Keep Your Home Organized

Storage Everywhere!


Tired of Clutter?

We’ve all been in spaces that were poorly organized. They’re cluttered and it’s nearly impossible to find anything when you need it. In spaces with lots of room, that type of disorganization can be overwhelming for anyone. Having a place for everything and everything in it’s place is an important feature for any home to function well. During a home renovation, storage options are an important consideration that’s just as important as a countertop finish or a paint colour.

There are a numbers of ways you can keep the rooms in your home organized without all your rooms looking like a filing cabinet or storage closet. Many homeowners worry about aesthetic when thinking of storage options, concerned the most practical option may in fact not fit with the overall look of their room. It’s important to think outside the box so you can get just as much function as you get form and fancy out of your space.

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Shelving & Displays

When thinking about certain items, it’s important to get innovative with your storage and think about where they fit best. Whether it’s built-in or other options like bookcases, wall units or stand-alone shelves, shelving can alleviate plenty of storage woes in almost any room of the house. Shelving is easy to make a part of your home’s decor, as you have a variety of materials, sizing and finishes to choose from to ensure it works with the rest of the space. Well-placed shelving is simple and functional enough to operate as not only storage but also as a way to display your favourite items, books and accessories. Not only will this keep these items close within reach if they are used on a regular basis, they keep these items off your floors and doesn’t relegate them to your tables or counters; keeping these spaces free for their own specific uses.

Hidden Storage

Sometimes, you may not necessarily want your items on display for the world to see - and that’s okay. You may not even want it to be apparent that it’s storage. In a kitchen, it’s pretty easy to differentiate a cupboard as a feature used for storage, but a little harder to decipher a piece of furniture that’s actually hollow inside like an ottoman. You may not use to items often enough to warrant them being easily visible or quickly accessible, so hidden storage offers a great option for those items that need to go somewhere but don’t quite fit in a cabinet or storage closet. With home renovations you have even more flexible options with hidden storage. It’s possible to have storage hidden in otherwise normal looking wall detailing, like a sliding door that might open under a flight of stairs but look like panelling when fully closed. For some homeowners, they may see having such a space look explicitly like an under-stair cabinet as ruining the flow or look of the hallway - and opt to have it blend in with the elements around it.

Think Higher

Often times when storage, the options are viewed lengthwise. Items find their way around the room before starting to look slightly cluttered in one way or another. Particularly in spaces with very high ceilings, it’s important to utilize the height of your space in every way possible. Make use of the very tops of cabinets or wall units for items that you rarely use and are better served when stored out of the way, or stack similarly sized items or boxes higher in order to make space for other items.

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