Toto Drake Toilet Review - Flush Problems And Plunger No More

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Toto Drake Toilet Review - Flush Problems And Plunger No More

Toto Drake Toilet Review - Flush Problems And Plunger No More

I have 3 bathrooms in my house and the toilets that came when I built it are less than stellar at flushing waste.

I had mini plungers in each room and the large plungers outside in the garage. They actually had ice cream pails as homes.

I was in fear when anyone in the family had to utilize the toilets as there was a large percentage chance that they would require plunging to flush. This was frustrating to say the least and annoying as well.

I was sick of this so I scanned the internet and searched high and low and finally I came across the Toto line of toilets. The Japanese seem unusually skilled at the toilet business and I personally am glad for this. They have done a superior engineering work on the Toto Line.

They have many toilets to suite all needs. I chose to gamble on the Toto Drake elongated 2 piece toilet. The 2 piece simply means you have to join the tank and the bowl versus a 1 piece which does not require it. If you are afraid of leaks you might want to try the 1 piece.

I ordered my Drake online and several days later it arrived at the house. That weekend I was set to install it. It came packed to survive a nuclear blast , getting it out of the box was more of a challenge than installing it.

Anyway I got the toilet bowl and tank out.. followed the instructions assembled the toilet. I then removed my old toilet, ( a bit gross I may admit) and then placed the Toto per the instructions and made the magic 1st flush.

Whoosh.. initially I was underwhelmed, I was expecting more roar.. the Toto flushes a bit different, it flush at the front of the base so it kind of pushes the waste through rather than the circular kind of flushing action.

The big test finally came when one of family most reliable to plug the toilet proceeded to the event and I was plunger ready. Then the flush and then .. no plunger.. I was stunned.

This has been, bar none the best toilet I have ever had, it flushes nearly everything. It is still pluggable but within reasonable human limits This seems to solve at least my problem


If you have toilet flushing issues. Consider a TOTO, my experience is wonderful and it may solve your problems as well hopefully this may help you.

Update: I have installed 3 of these now and they are all great !!!! If you have issues with plugged toilets this might be the way to go.

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Bernice Gogo 6 years ago

I have a Toto 1.6gpf which has been stopped up with too much toilet paper. We tried a plunger but to no avail. The stoppage is only toilet paper. What can we do short of calling a plumger.

excellasys profile image

excellasys 6 years ago from US Author

If it were me and I'm not a plumber nor giving you this advice. When this happens to me I let it sit and the water's effects on the TP after multiple hours usually lets the plug go down. Home Depot also sells augers of which I've used on occasion when guests have plugged our guest room toilet, not the TOTO I'd point out.

Also not all Toto's are created equal, I have seen some that are not as nice as the Drake.

Leona Noel 4 years ago

Toto Gwonth- Toilet,Date purchased Oct. 22,2009 price $699.00 I am at my wits end, almost everytime we flush this Toilet with body waste it`blocks,We have put the snake down 45 feet and there is no blockage in the system.

the plumber commented it must be the toliet,not enough water going throught.

Please let me know what can be done.

excellasys profile image

excellasys 4 years ago from US Author

Not sure how to respond to this... I'm not a plumber. I'd ask a real plumber.. I'd expect they would do something like put a scope down your drain..

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