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Toto Ultramax Review

I was so happy with my Toto Drake I decided to look at installing another toilet in my guest bathroom. I decided to do some more research and take a look at other Toto toilets. These things really work well in my opinion so I was set on another Toto. I did discover another option which I think I may write another hub on, it was an Australian brand that has a split flush system, very cool and saves water.

I purchased a Toto Ultramax via the internet and just as before this thing showed up packed like it could survive a nuclear blast. Honestly it took more time to unpack the toilet than to install it which was to say the least a bit frustrating. This make was a one piece unit so I did not have to attach the tank to the bowl, kind of nice and one less chance to a leak.

These toilets use the “G-Max System” which to me seems better than the “Power-Gravity” system but go to the Toto site and check for yourself or simply click on one of the links on the site here to see the differnce.

What I Like:

  • The footprint seems smaller than the Drake I like No double flushes required as with most other toilets.. saves water and I like this.
  • I’ve tried to clog this thing on occasion so far and have not been able to do it.. overall it seems to flush better than the Drake but it’s a close call.
  • This model seems to leave less , well remains in the bowl. The Drake seems by sure optical observation to leave more things in the bowl. The Toto flush effort is concentrated on getting the waste down not being super cleanly..
  • Uses a small amount of water.. I think advertized as 1.6 it’s well within that. Its efficient period.
  • It’s not super noisy to flush.. and it’s not going to give you that powerflush feeling. I was amazed that the flush , as with the Drake was not the airplane “whoosh” sound of some of the other brands I have seem.
  • The one piece was easy to install.. no issues.. I’m now a pro at the whole wax seal mounting effort.

What I don’t Like:

  • Toto seems to name toilets alike.. and I’m not sure why.. they offer something called the “Ultimate” which comes up in searches for Ultramax.. so be diligent
  • Just like the Drake if you're into putting a lot of nick knacks on the bowl cover it will not hold many and I’ve found they slip off. I actually took a level to mine to see if it was slanted and sure enough on mine it seems to lean towards the front.. which alarmingly could mean your stuff might fall into the toilet. I’m sure you could adjust this it’s anot a big deal for me.
  • $$$$ dollars not sure if the price is worth it over the Drake.. time will tell. The one piece is nice but it was expensive.
  • I’m not sold on these softclose lids.. I think there’s a area to save a few dollars.. , sure it’s nice the lid does not slam down.. but it’s at a cost.
  • I went with no sanigloss.. not sure about this.. I think next toilet I will get it to see if it helps keep it cleaner.


Just like the Toto Drake this thing really flushes and get the job done. I like it. I have yet to see this thing clogged but I think the next big holiday visits will provide the proof. I’d say that if you want a great flushing toilet focused on getting the “business” down the drain you would be hard pressed to find anything better. These sure beat the stock builder toilets I had installed. I’d install another Toto with no issues. I have another bathroom left to convert after a planned remodel “of which a new Toto is part of the purchase plan".

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plumbing 5 years ago

From what I read in this blog, I think I have to install my own Toto toilet. It seems that with this toilet, I won't be needing any toilet plunger. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up.

excellasys profile image

excellasys 5 years ago from US Author

I think that's a smart play, worked for me..

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