Toy Story Room Decor

toy story room
toy story room

Toy Story Room Theme

If you would like to do a toy story room theme, then you're in luck. Because unlike some of the other popular themes like The Legend of Zelda for instance, there is a lot of toy story merchandise available right now.

Due to the newToy Story 3 movie Buzz Lightyear and Woody are enjoying a new found popularity with young children and their parents everywhere.

One of the nice things about a Toy Story themed room is just how versatile this design is, for instance it's perfectly appropriate for a baby, toddler, or young child's room up to at least the age of 10.This makes a Toy Story themed room a very affordable choice for everyone. And that's not to mention the fact that this design is popular with girls as well as boys.


Toy Story Bedding

There are several different designs of Toy Story Bedding available on Amazon, many of which are almost sold out due to the extreme popularity of this design. Because of this I have only listed the designs that still have several left in stock.

First you will find a cute little twin sized comforter featuring a large sized image of Buzz Lightyear on the front.

Next is a full size 3D comforter with 3D glasses and the words protecting toys everywhere on the front of the comforter, along with the images of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, This set would make a great gift for any little Toy Story fan.

Third is a gorgeous little Toy Story 3 comforter available in either a twin or full size. This comforter features a royal blue background with several characters from the movie displayed on the front.

Next you will find several sheet sets to go with the comforter sets. Something that I did notice about the sheet sets is that they only come with one pillow case so you might want to take that into account.


Toy Story Wall Decorations

Next you're going to want to add some Toy Story Wall Clings and posters. I found that Amazon has the best selection of Toy Story Border and decals, but you might want to also check out eBay. Their selection is every changing and you can at times find some some really good prices. Space is limited on this page so I could only list a few of the many Toy Story decorations, wall clings and posters that you can find available online.


Toy Story Toys & Collectibles

After the bedding and walls are finished you're going to want to add a few of the Toy Story toys to improve the overall look of your Toy Story room.

Amazon has a nice collection of Toy Story toys and collectibles for you to consider and besides Buzz and Woody some of the ones that you might want to add are Rex the T-Rex and Slinky the dog, as well as Jessie the cute little cowgirl and who could forget the ever popular Mr. Potato Head. Mr. Potato Head is one toy that really brings back childhood memories as I think that most it not all of us have owned a Mr. Potato Head at some point or other in our childhood.


buy toy story room decor
buy toy story room decor

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earn_Online_24x7 profile image

earn_Online_24x7 6 years ago

Oh wow! I didn't know about these themes. Very informative.

whitton profile image

whitton 6 years ago

I really enjoyed reading your Hub. This is an awesome theme for a boys room. Thank you!

Maria Harris profile image

Maria Harris 5 years ago from Houston

Perfect decor for both young boys and girls. Thank you for sharing.

saif113sb profile image

saif113sb 5 years ago

Love that boys room with the curved canopy. Thanks for sharing some nice ideas.

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