Tupersan Crabgrass Preventer is the only crabgrass preventer that will allow you to seed your lawn at the same time. Tupersan is very effective against crabgrass and will not harm grass seeds. It will also prevent grassy weeds from emerging, including barnyard grass and types of sedge grasses. Not only will it prevent these weeds, it also contains slow release nitrogen to gently spoon feed your lawn. If you have recently added sod to your lawn, you should still use Tupersan to prevent crabgrass. New sod does not have a proper root system to apply other crabgrass controls and will require Tupersan.

Tupersan crabgrass preventer
Tupersan crabgrass preventer

Jonathan Green's Crabgrass Preventer with Tupersan also contains lawn fertilizer for new seeding. It should be applied in early to mid April, or when the Forsythia plant drop their blooms.

Lebanon Tupersan

Lebanon's Tupersan is a crabgrass control without lawn fertilizer. It is the best crabgrass control to use while seeding that does not contain a starter fertilizer. It's important to use Lebanon's Tupersan if you are applying a different fertilizer to your lawn in addition to the Tupersan.

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