Two Super Easy Ways to Remove Baked On Food from Ceramic or Glass Stove Tops

How to keep your stove top looking brand new.

We finally were able to remodel our kitchen after years of using a stove with only one working burner and a diswasher that left slimy mystery grit all over our dishes.  Black and stainless appliances.  Oooooo and Ahhhhhh - I love them!

It only took a few weeks for baked on food to cement itself to the gorgeous black ceramic cooktop.  I don't know how this happend, I mean, I'm a clean freak and that stove got thoroughly wiped down several times a day. 

Nothing I tried would remove that hardened food.  I even used the liquid cleaner that came with the appliances, the one that claims to "easily remove baked on food." 

As I said: "clean freak".  So, I decided to try using an oven cleaner on the cook top. 

The can of oven cleaner stated that it was safe for my type of stove top, so, I sprayed down the smooth glass top and heated the burners to LOW, left them on for about five minutes and turned them off.

With a large wet cloth I began to scrub.  Most of the stuff came off immediately. 

I repeated the process twice more and the stove looked almost brand new.  Almost.

Did I mention: "clean freak"?

I found a powder cleaner called "Bar Tenders Friend".  That's how it's spelled, without an apostrophe.  It was .99 at the local Dollar General Store.  Says it's safe for tons of different household surfaces - unlike Comet or or scouring cleansers - so I bought it.

You use this just like you would Comet or Ajax.  It took those stubborn deposits right off!  I mean, took them off easily.  I didn't even have to scrub.

In conclusion:  The spray on oven cleaner works pretty well to remove baked on foods from ceramic cooking surfaces, but the Bar Keepers Friend wins, hands down.

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helen 5 years ago

you are a life saver! i already had the barkeeper's friend and never thought to use it!

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