UV Pond Filter | Protection Against Pond Algae, Superior Clear Water

The UV Light Is Inside

courtesy of slworking2
courtesy of slworking2

Filthy Water Causing Problems?

If you have a pond in your backyard, you know exactly how it goes in the summer months when you have to clean it. Now there is a solution to your problem, and that is a UV pond filter. A UV pond filter is a very important thing to have if you want to be sure that the water in your pond is always clear. Yes, you do need a regular filter to help trap debris, but now you have a filter that keeps the water clear. There will be no more scrubbing down ponds.

The UV pond filter is not a filter. UV lights are encased in a plastic tube and the water in your pond flows through it. The process starts when the water passes through the tube. During this time, all algae are killed in the water by the UV lights. The process takes some time, but once it is complete you will notice a much cleaner and clearer pond.

courtesy of krossbow
courtesy of krossbow

The Problem Of Algae

There are many times when people gave up on their pond when it got really warm outside and algae started building up. Fortunately, with the UV pond filter this problem can be over. You will be able to see right down to the bottom, thanks to the UV filter.

Once the algae are under control, you should continue using the filter. This way the water will remain clear throughout the summer months. You have to keep in mind that on really hot days you will notice that the pond will become green, but do not worry. Over time the pond will clear up thanks to the UV filter.

UV Filter Solution

When algae die, they clump together. In this case, you should also know that if you have a filter that collects debris - dead algae leave this in the pool along with the UV pond filter. Your regular filter will do its job by collecting debris while the UV filter does its job by clearing the water. You will notice results after a short time, and once you see what the UV filter can actually do you will not be disappointed.

Ponds will remain beautiful and water will remain clear for longer. Some of the UV filters come with click-fit connections making installing simple and easy. Units available with mounting brackets and a bulb giving you the option to install it horizontally or vertically.

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