The Ultimate Buyers Guide To Oak And Pine Unfinished Furniture

Imagine your house looks just the way you want. Every piece of furniture matches. Your house is furnished, but you did not “break the bank.” There is a smooth blended theme of sleek furniture throughout your home. No odd mix matched tables and chairs. No overpriced low crafted furniture pieces.

Adding furniture to your home does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Your house can have a smooth coordinating theme throughout. Unfinished furniture is the way to furnish your house with less cost, better craftsmanship, and more creativity.

Unfinished Furniture: Great Product, Low Price

Save your hard earned cash by buying unfinished wood furniture. With the economy the way it is today it is not surprising to learn more and more people are opting to use unfinished furniture. The manufacturers do not have the added cost of finishing or staining this furniture so the savings are passed onto you, saving you quite a bit of cash. Depending on the piece itself, they type of wood, and the manufacturer you can sometimes save up to 50 percent off the regular finished furniture price.

When deciding on whether the price is right for a particular piece take into account the cost of finishing the piece. Some pieces come “raw” meaning you will have to do all the sanding. You will also need shellac, stain, or paint. This all costs money. Some unfinished furniture stores still raise the prices on their pieces. These companies try to convince you of the good deals you are receiving. Do not take the first offer you see. Shop around first. A good unfinished furniture store will have the best quality AND price. Do not settle for less.

Unfinished Furniture: Top Quality Craftsmanship

Unfinished furniture, also called do it yourself furniture, has better craftsmanship. This furniture is free of stain and paint which makes it very difficult to hide the slightest defect. Many times finished furniture is painted or stained carefully to hide knots, bumps, and potential weaknesses in the wood. With unfinished furniture you are also aware of what type of wood you are buying. Solid wood.

Unfinished Furniture: Before You Buy

Before you buy a new piece of unfinished furniture fully inspect what you are getting. Is the wood smooth? Are there knots or sap streaks in the wood? The cheaper unfinished furniture is usually still in a raw state. This means they put it together, but never sanded it down to a smooth finish. Sanding takes time, but is very easily done.

Also take a look at how well the furniture is put together. What materials were used to piece it together? Are the piece held together by staples, nails, or wood glue? Is the furniture sturdy? If you buy a chair, be sure the legs are not wobbly.

If you are buying a large piece of unfinished bedroom furniture, such as a bulky headboard, are you sure it will fit in your house? Be sure to do all your measuring BEFORE you buy the piece. Pieces that are too big to fit through the door maybe a waste of money, time, and effort if you cannot get the finished product out of the garage and into the house.

Unfinished Furniture: Creativity Unleashed

My favorite part about selecting unfinished furniture is the creative freedom it allows. Whatever you dream up can be reality. You are in control of your style, color, and varnish options. You can paint or stain each furniture piece the same color. You can paint them all different colors. You can leave the table the natural color and stain the chairs. Cherry wood can be stained to have an Oak look. The sky is the limit. You are free to explore you wildest creative fantasies.

Unfinished furniture is an excellent way to add quality, long lasting furniture to your home for a lot less. If you’ve read and understood this article, you are well on your way to picking out a high quality piece that will last and look great for years to come.

Unfinished Furniture: 2 Most Popular Types of Wood

Unfinished pine furniture is the most popular choice for unfinished furniture because of the affordable price. Buying pine furniture, “in the rough,” is relatively cheaper than many other types of wood. The price is important because these types of pieces still need to be finished and that costs money.

Pine is considered a “neutral” wood. This means that it will be easier to match the right coating for pine. Nearly all color coating types can be used with unfinished pine furniture. This will make your work exceptionally easier than working with other types of wood. Pine wood blends in wonderfully to make a home happy and hearty.

Unfinished oak furniture is the second most popular type of furniture. This type is popular because it remains very sturdy for years. If you are just beginning your family and have small children, unfinished oak would be a very good investment for your family.

There are two types of unfinished oak furniture: red oak and white oak. Red oak is obviously darker than white, but the white oak is a bit more durable. Both red and white oak sand and stain well. This wood has a beautiful grain once it is finished.

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albatrosfurniture 6 years ago

great article...

stephanie mclain profile image

stephanie mclain 7 years ago from Texas Author

I made several of the same mistakes too in the past. Including buying furniture that was WAY too big to fit through the door. :)

Oh well, we live and we learn. I'm glad you enjoyed the hub. :)

fastfreta profile image

fastfreta 7 years ago from Southern California

Good suggestions on how to buy unfinished furniture. I have done this on a number of occasions, however I wish that I had these suggestions, especially how to choose the wood, I just bought it because it served a purpose at the time. I guess because I did not choose wisely, I don't have any of it today. Thanks Stephanie for the education.

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