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When I was a kid we had a Tree House in the back yard. It was about 8 feet up in a big oak tree. It was a simple creation four walls, a wooden plank floor and a roof covered with leftover shingles. It was nothing fancy, but held a lot of memories in a very small space.

The Tree House was often my escape from the world. It was where I could be myself and not worry about what anyone else thought. Every child should know the magic of a Tree House.

In today's modern world Tree Houses have gone from simple playhouses to fully furnished homes of grand stature. Let's take a look at some of the most unforgettable Tree Houses in the world:

Tree Houses

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cloverleaffarm profile image

cloverleaffarm 5 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

All I can say is, I want one!

Thanks for sharing.

Tammy Marie Rose profile image

Tammy Marie Rose 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

I'd love one too! Several of them you can tell a LOT of money was put into...but I have to wonder...lots of things happen to trees...lightning...insects...dry rotting...how smart is it? They are so cool though!

RealCandid profile image

RealCandid 5 years ago from Wilmington, NC

No electricity. No computers. No video games. No TV. Just good old fashion exploring and hiding out.

greeneyedblondie profile image

greeneyedblondie 3 years ago

I want to live in a tree house someday. It sounds amazing.

Maryann M Godeanu 7 months ago

My condo makes me feel like I'm living in my tree house. Surrounded by trees. On the top floor, ( it's like a penthouse) can not get any better! I wish I could add a photo.... :) or see on my pinterest site, saved on my "Home Decor" Board.

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