Unique Household Uses For Trays


Rain Boots Resting Place

Place some smooth pebbles or river rocks at the bottom of a cute tray. When you come in the door, dump your wet boots in the tray to dry. This keeps puddles off the floor and shoes out of the way.

Outfit an Ottoman

Put your favorite tray on top of your living room ottoman to create a table. If you need extra seating for a party, take the tray off and voila! 

De-clutter a Drawer

Collect lots of small trays to organize your drawers. Shop at flea markets or even dollar stores for inexpensive ones. Use them to hold office supplies, kitchen utensils, or items in your junk drawer. 


Bulletin Board

Cover the bottom of a metal tray or cookie sheet using adhesive. Use inexpensive scrapbook paper that matches your room. Find cute magnets to hold recipes, reminders, or photos. It would work well in a kitchen, office, or even a kids room.

Compact Catch-All

If you need a small table for a tight spot, attach a tray to a luggage rack for an inexpensive solution. It's a great catch-all near the door to hold your keys, mail, cell phone, etc.


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hillrider profile image

hillrider 5 years ago from Mid-west United States

Gave ya two votes (useful and funny) because I couldn't help but find the idea of hanging a metal tray as a bulletin board, as anything less than ingenious.

And when I read your idea about "collecting lots of small trays" I just imagined having them all cluttering up the counters and table, and laughed. Actually since I am going to personally steal the idea with the tray and not tell my wife where I got it, she will then think I am smart, so they both deserve a funny vote. lol

kmcmichael profile image

kmcmichael 5 years ago from Athens, Georgia Author

haha! thank you! always happy to help.

edelhaus profile image

edelhaus 5 years ago from Munich, Germany

some cute ideas!

jennyjenny profile image

jennyjenny 5 years ago from Somewhere in Michigan

That might be the coolest boot rack ever! :)

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