Urine Odor & Stain Removal Tricks

Unfortunately, urine is a natural part of life. If you’re a parent or an animal lover, you know that dealing with the urine stain is only half of the problem. The odor can be horrible and difficult to remove. I have found that cat urine is one of the absolutely worst smells on earth and it is very difficult to remove if you try and use traditional cleaners. I once tried to scrub cat urine out of my car using automotive carpet shampoo. It made the stain go away, but seemed to only cover the smell of the urine. Once the car sat in the sun for a few hours, like when I went to work the next day, and the urine odor was worse than ever!

Pet stains can be easily removed from most surfaces, including carpet, by mixing white vinegar and water. Spray the mixture on the stain as soon as possible and blot up with paper towels. If there is a lot of urine to clean up, cover the stain with a bunch of dry paper towels and weigh them down with a heavy object. Let the weight force all of the liquid into the paper towels. Blot up any left over liquid. Repeat, if necessary.

If you are cleaning up cat urine, you have an extra step to remove the smell. Cat urine is especially pungent because it contains crystals of uric acid and special scent chemicals. If you use most traditional cleaners, they will just make it smell worse. The only way to remove the smell from cat urine is with an enzyme cleaner. There are many different brands available, but they all word the same way. When you sprinkle the enzyme cleaner on the stain, it starts to breakdown the remains of the urine. These cleaners can take some time to fully remove the smell, but let them work.

If you have dog urine to deal with, cover the stain with regular old baking soda. Just cover the area with a liberal amount and let it sit. You may want to leave it overnight and clean it up in the morning. The baking soda absorbs any leftover urine and takes care of the odor.

Cleaning up human urine stains is easiest with hydrogen peroxide. Spray the area and let it dry. Next, mix water, white vinegar and baking soda and scrub the stain with the mixture. Again, you can use a pile of paper towels and a heavy object to help extract any remaining liquid. There are a lot of other cleaning sites that can help you with other types of urine stains. Good luck, and remember that urine is just a part of life, so don’t get too mad at your little ones!


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