How to Use Bench Cookie, Work Grippers to Lift, Grip and Prevent Woodworking Projects from Slipping

Rockler Bench Cookie Work Grippers


Bench Cookies, Work Grippers and Bench Cookie Cones

Bench cookies are versatile and easy to use for multiple applications. These little discs have great benefits from preventing wood from slipper to everyday household uses. They are good for placing under cutting boards to steady them. Use them for picture frames, glass, laptops, computers, desks, wood working projects and more.

They are a good source to use to stack between video equipment and create space to let heat escape. There are many uses for standard bench cookies beside using them for carving, sanding and staining wood projects.

The bench cookie, work grippers that lift and protect are a good tool for wood crafts and woodworking projects. The cookies have a rubber surface that protects wood and helps prevents slips while sanding, routing, carving, using tools and more. They are a great source for raising up wood projects in order to make them easier to work on.

Finishing a project or leveling the item with the bench cookies makes it much easier to work on. They allow you to route, carve, and sand without clamps. Support your projects without leaving marks on a table or workbench. The non slip service which is similar to that used on router mats, grab your work surface and work project at the same time for a solid hold.

It is best to use four of the bench cookies at the same time for the ideal results. The reviews from customers are excellent and they make a great gift for anyone that does handy work or crafts in your family.

Bench cookies come in a variety of styles including ones for home decor and furniture use. Bench cookie cones are used to lift projects off your bench with minimal surface contact, while keeping them stable at the same time. The also fit over the Bench Cookie work grippers. The Work Grippers are the best for using for wood projects, sanding, carving and crafts.

To view all the videos, reviews, and the different kinds of Bench Cookies available check out the Rockler Web site for further details.....

Wood Clamps

Wood clamps are another great sources for stabilizing wood projects. A clamp can be useful to hold together many things from big projects to small.

Another use for wood clamps are to keep an object steady while painting, staining, carving or gluing something together. Clamps can be a temporary repair for something or used for many household repairs.

Clamps can be made out of wood, aluminum or plastic. Depending on your project or preference clamps can be fairly inexpensive and something all home owners should keep in their tool box. Some clamps are lighter in weight and some may be more solid it all depends on the worker's preference and project they are working.

Clamps also come in a variety of sizes so you can use them for repairs and projects that range in size. So no matter if you are making a small wooden frame or staining a large door there is a size clamp for every need.

If you work with wood or do every day repairs clamps and other wood working tools can be a valuable resource to add to your tool kit.

Rockler Work Grippers

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eric999 profile image

eric999 5 years ago

These can be a valuable tool in your woodworking arsenal. They protect surfaces and help holding on to every thing nicely.

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