A Granite Driveway: Luxury Curb Appeal without Breaking the Bank


Owning a luxury home is surely a status symbol, but too often that symbol can be somewhat tarnished by ho-hum asphalt driveway. Granite pavers offer the finest quality material as well as the most lavish appearance available.

Granite Provides Luxury at a Luxury Cost

There is no stone on earth more durable and appealing than granite. With its natural striations and quartz pockets, the colors displayed in this excavated stone are brilliant and unique. One of the many reasons that homeowners appreciate the aesthetics of granite is that no two pieces will ever be alike. In this respect, each homeowner may create a luxury driveway that is the crowning gem of their landscape. The longevity of using this natural rock ensures that the maintenance and the need for future replacement is non-existent. Granite is incredibly easy to care for, and is not susceptible to abuse from vehicles or the elements, unlike most other forms of driveway materials.

While granite is a relatively abundant natural resource, it is time consuming and difficult to excavate. Found under the top layers of the earth, granite is removed in large pieces which are extraordinarily heavy. The extreme weight contributes to the overall cost of the product. After it is excavated, it must be fabricated into the correct shapes and sizes, and then transported for sale. While our planet provides the product for free, the cost of supplying the rock to homeowners is relatively expensive.


Granite for Driveways and Other Less Expensive Applications

When used in driveways, granite is most often cut into tiles or pavers, as slabs or large solid pieces would incur a ridiculous cost. Arranging the pavers in a cobblestone or geometric pattern lends itself well to the natural beauty of the product.

The intricate grains and dimensions can be easily see when the rock is divided into segments. The resulting pattern will enhance the overall luxury feel of the driveway. As this material is found in a variety of neutral colors with the addition of colored mica or quartz embellishments, there are many color combinations that blend well with a home's palette.


For most homeowners, granite is just too expensive for a full driveway installation. Fortunately, as the pieces are purchased in segments or pavers, homeowner may choose to apply the rock as a stunning accent. When used as a driveway or walkway border, the stone highlights the area it surrounds.

The exceptional color qualities of granite also make it an ideal border for landscape beds. The inherent non-slip surface that the stone provides also makes it an excellent choice for patios, pool aprons, and steps. By combining granite with other traditional driveway materials such as travertine, your end result will be luxurious without breaking the bank.

To evoke the appearance of luxury and enhance your home’s total value, granite is the best choice. Whether applied throughout your driveway, or as an opulent accent, this precious material does not have to be completely out of reach financially.

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FlourishAnyway 12 months ago from USA

I love the granite accents. This isa beautiful look.

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