Pressure Washers for Outside Cleaning

Pressure washers are designed to make outside cleaning jobs easier
Pressure washers are designed to make outside cleaning jobs easier | Source

Pressure washers are used extensively for outdoor jobs that require easy cleaning of large areas such as paving and concrete. They are also used for preparing walls for painting outdoors as they require a lot less effort than using a brush and scraper for the job. They often clean more efficiently than other methods as well as being faster.

There are two main types of pressure washer, those that use hot water and those that use cold water. Although the hot water ones are more expensive to buy and to use they can be a better investment depending on what you need it for.

The reasons why a hot water pressure washer is a good investment are as follows:

1. A hot water pressure washer will clean better.

2. It will also clean more easily.

3. It will also clean faster than a cold one.

4. It will disinfect as it goes along.

5. It is suitable for cleaning oil and grease

Grease is one example of how a hot water pressure washer is superior to a cold one. Indeed, using cold water on grease can do more harm than good and may make the surface harder to clean in the long run by hardening the grease or in the case of oil by spreading the stain.

Some places where a hot water pressure washer can be used effectively are around a barbecue area on a patio where there is a build-up of grease. Another place it can come in useful is in a garage where there is an oil or grease spillage. In an area where you require disinfection as well as cleaning of the area a hot water pressure cleaner is very useful.

Another advantages of the hot water pressure washer is that there is no need to use chemical cleaners with it because of it’s disinfection action as it cleans. Hot water pressure washers will do jobs that are just not suitable for cold ones.

However, if you are not cleaning oil and/or grease a cold water pressure washer may be sufficient for your needs. It is ideal for preparing surfaces for painting as well as clearing moss and leaves from your paved areas. It is also more economical to buy and use than a hot water one.

With both types of power washer, some consideration has to be made for water conservation especially if you live in an area where there is little rainfall or a shortage of water. You may need to use your power washer sparingly in these cases. Another factor is that you need to have good drainage in the area that you are using it to let the used water and accompanying debris drain away.


The benefits and advantages of hot and cold pressure washers are:

1. They can be used for cleaning jobs outdoors on most hard surfaces.

2. They clean an area much faster than it can be done manually.

3. They clean efficiently leaving little mess to clean up provided that you have plenty of drainage.

The two advantages that hot water pressure washers have over cold water ones are that the hot water one disinfects the area while you clean it using steam which results in the second advantage. This is that there is no need to use chemical cleaners with it due to it’s efficient action on grease and oil as well as it’s cleaning capabilities for outdoor cleaning in general.

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