Bathroom Vanity Lighting and Other Ways to Illuminate Your Bathroom

When it comes to bringing light into the bathroom, many people think that they just need to put a brighter bulb in their light fixture. While that can be a good idea, there are many other ways you can go about bringing better bathroom lighting into the room. If there is not already bathroom vanity lighting, this is something that you are most likely going to want to check into. Vanity lights do not have to cost a lot of money and they are fairly easy to install. The new vanity light you install will not only bring more light into the room but it will also give it more of a completed look.

But if you really want to make sure that you are bringing as much light as possible to your bathroom then there are some other options that you could look into as well. During the day, it would be a good idea to allow the sunlight in. Not only will this brighten up the room but also the sunlight will make you feel better. Sunlight is a natural way to feel more energized and healthy. If your bathroom window is not letting in as much light as you would like it to then you could always have it removed and replace it with a larger window. Some people are not comfortable with the idea of a large window in the bathroom though and this is fine.

If you like the idea of natural light but have a fear of people being able to see into the bathroom then there is another option. Adding in a skylight is the perfect option for ranch style homes or for bathrooms that are one the second level. The skylights do not cost a lot of money, they are easy to install, and they will provide plenty of light during the day and the view of the stars at night. The installation of the skylight can be done in the matter of one day and it is something that is easy enough to do yourself. If you are not handy in any way though you might want to hire a contractor for the job.

Another inexpensive and quick way to add more light to the bathroom is to place candles throughout the room. This is a very cheap way to not only add light but to add elegance as well. Add some scented candles into the mix and you also have a deodorizer as well. Just be careful to never leave the candles burning for too long and never leave them burning when you are leaving the house, even if it is for a quick run to the store.

some vanity mirrors are available with built in spotlights for a clearer reflection
some vanity mirrors are available with built in spotlights for a clearer reflection

In the end, you may want to pick one or two ways to add more light into the room or do it all. You will want to seriously look into the bathroom vanity lights though as that is the best way to make sure you have lights close enough for applying makeup, brushing teeth, or washing your face.

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