Vanity Lighting: Designs and Styles

While wrought iron is most commonly used in the living room, bedroom or patio, it can also be used in of all places, the bathroom. The accents to your bathroom can be small and subtle, like hinges, handles and knobs to larger items that really stand out like shower curtain rods, doorstops, hooks, towel racks and lighting. Wrought iron lighting while providing the light needed, it also provides that last bit of class and style to your bathroom as well. One of the most appealing parts of using wrought iron lighting is its diversity in styles. These styles can range from rustic, country, contemporary and modern, also they can come in different finishes. The rustic style is animal silhouette shapes to the straight smooth lines of modern décor to the elegant curves of traditional décor, wrought iron lighting can have a place in anyone's bathroom. Currently wrought iron ceiling fans and chandeliers are popular. Be forewarned; care for chandeliers are not for those who have fear of heights since care for them requires climbing up a ladder.

Traditionally wrought iron has been used for a variety of purposes, at first it was used as outdoor furniture since wrought iron is so durable and heavy then it gradually made its way indoors. Now wrought iron can be found in just about any room, in any form it is used even in those dark hallways it is that versatile especially with the sconces. It also is able to blend in with any decor scheme you may have going whether it is rustic, country, romantic, modern, whatever strikes your fancy. In the bathroom where it is least expected to be found, it has been used to really bring that final touch of warmth and elegance to a room that is often times usually neglected. Here are just some of the items that can be used to accent the bathroom: towel bars, mirrors, hooks, shower curtain rods, the curtain hoops, and of course lights. You might want to try wrought iron vanity lights, sconces with either candles or light bulbs, or even wrought iron track lighting. Vanity lights range from just one light up to five lights in a series. The more lights, the more light. If you are looking for a soft warm glow, just a couple of sconces will do. The four to five series will give you more than enough light to put on make-up.

I really cannot stress enough that wrought iron vanities lighting fixtures are really a great way to bring much needed light both in the literal sense of light, as well as appealing aesthetically to an otherwise dull and dark bathroom. However, with wrought iron, regular cleaning and maintenance can be quite bit of a hassle since wrought iron tends to tarnish. This will make an otherwise great looking vanity light look unsightly. Weekly cleaning will go a long way to prevent this tarnishing. That is why this very durable and heavy material is not only a bit hard to keep up on maintenance but it also can be a bit hard on the pocket book as well.

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