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The bathroom is the last room in the house to get any attention. Usually, there is a hamper for dirty clothes, a few racks for towels and is usually stuffed to the brim with all manner of personal care products. A bathroom should be a place to relax and unwind from a hard day of work, school or whatever, not a place to feel as if you walked in a war. Whenever someone thinks about remodeling the bathroom, the last thing that people think of is the vanity mirrors in the bathroom.

vanity mirrors come in a number of interesting styles
vanity mirrors come in a number of interesting styles

This room is also usually the last room to have any kind remodeling done to it. However, the good thing about remodeling the bathroom is that it raises the house's value, a great deal. So a simple thing like vanity mirror can really make a difference. Even if you are not planning to sell the house, a bathroom vanity can add so much to the bathroom.

Often times the vanity is the centerpiece to the bathroom. The vanity can be either a single piece while is a complete set that includes a basin, facets and a cabinet attached. This means in either case the bathroom theme can be decorated around the vanity. Decorated to give guests something to talk about.

mirrors with steel trim are very sturdy and modern
mirrors with steel trim are very sturdy and modern

For instance, if a vanity is made from black marble then the mirror can be framed in black marble. Vanities come in many styles from classical to French countryside, sleek Italian to contemporary. Then there are vanities that the homemaker made themselves so that they can add their own unique personality into it. Then there are the lights that go with it. Here's a tip for those who have small bathroom. Try softer lighting on the vanity. This way the light reflects on the mirror; this gives a soft feel, this soft light reaches the whole room. This gives the sense that the bathroom is more spacious. just have a bright light that can be turned on when you need to apply make-up or shave.

If the person who uses the vanity mirror the most is a bachelor, he most likely wants the vanity to be as simple as possible. If there are children around the vanity and mirror would use bright colors. Then look at couples that don't have children, both should take in the needs of the other. The perfect solution maybe a contemporary Italian design. This simple enough for the man but has some of the frills that women desire. This design has bold colors and soft metals.

There are a few things needed to keep in mind while redoing the bathroom. The first thing is style. Everyone in the house needs to agree on the design. This is the most important part because this is what is going help you the most in the decorating plan.

The next step is deciding the vanity. The vanity is going to be the main focus when someone enters the bathroom. There some options to take into consideration.

an elegant example of a wood bathroom vanity mirror
an elegant example of a wood bathroom vanity mirror

A custom vanity...This is expensive but it can be worth the expense since you can design the vanity to fit your needs the best way possible; this way you can choose the finish and size.

The pre-fabricated vanity...these come pre-fabricate with solid stone tops and hand carved moldings. These are also have under mounted ceramic sinks and pre-drilled faucet holes. These are for the person who is a do-it-yourself type.

Remember that the vanity will determine the size of mirror you can install. As for lights take into consideration the amount of natural light the bathroom gets. Remember that designing a room to reflect your unique personality is the best part of redecorating.

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MsFran 6 years ago from Here and There, Everywhere

I love your suggestions, very classy.

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Thank you, MsFran! :)

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