Find a Great Deal for Vessel Sink Vanities Online

Even with the recession on in full swing, there are still a number of savvy home investors who continue to improve their homes, taking advantage of the desperation that a lot of household appliance vendors have in drumming up any sort of business. People selling bathroom fixtures are in a particular pinch, with high priced inventories and a near collapse in the housing market, and many of them are starting to discount a lot of items; even high end items, like vessel vanities, just to get them to move.

This discounting hasn't hit the stores, and unlike the last time this kind of sell off happened, it may never reach the retail outlets. Look for these discounts and this level of bargain hunting in their online outlets.

What Are Vessel Sink Vanities, Anyway?

Vessel vanities have a pedestal base that's lower than a traditional sink, with the drain running through the cabinet, and a decorative bowl, made of some material that's high end and attractive.  The faucet for this kind of sink is on an extender so that it reaches over the lip of the bowl (or vessel) of the sink.

These kinds of bathroom sinks do require more care and cleaning than a traditional bathroom sink does; you'll need to clean both the outside and the inside of the bowl, and will want to use some vinegar regularly to help remove hard water spots.

Vessel sink vanities can be very versatile
Vessel sink vanities can be very versatile

Shop Smart

So, now that you know what a bathroom vanity is, the trick is finding one online for a price you're willing to pay. The savvy shopper starts by looking at or and doing some price checking; they won't always have the lowest price, but you'll quickly figure out what the average asking price is.

Next, start looking on eBay for the model numbers you've seen. This will show you what the typical closing price is. You won't buy them for this, but they'll give you a good spread for what vessel vanities online will run for, from their peak price to their bottom price. You can see them going for as low as 30% of their retail price, a discount of 70%. More typically, you'll find them at what are called “contractor” pricing, which will be anywhere from 40% to 50% off. Yes, your contractor wants to buy these for you, because he makes a markup on the parts.

With patience and a little know-how, you will certainly find the perfect vanity for your home
With patience and a little know-how, you will certainly find the perfect vanity for your home

Buyer Beware

The usual caveats apply to buying anything online:  Comparison shop and do so carefully.  Check buyer ratings whenever possible, to see what kind of reputation the reseller has.  A lot of the sites will sell the same gear at nearly the same discount; look for things like discount codes, and spot sales, or free shipping.  If they have a local store, see if you can pick up the item locally to save on shipping and delivery charges.

Also, look into their return policy window.  Some sites offer a 15 day or 30 day return policy; others, to avoid discounting as much, will go for 60 days.  Some will have a restocking fee deducted from any returns, others will give you a 100% price guarantee on returns to bring your business in.  When looking to buy vessel vanities online, these can be important considerations.

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