Motivational Wall Decal Quotes to Put a Spring in your Step


Wall Decal Quotes

I love to be motivated. I love wall art and I love quotes. Mesh all these together and what do you get? Motivational wall decals with quotes and popular sayings! Motivational wall decals can be the kick you need when you need a little motivation in your day.

Vinyl wall decals are a popular way to give a room an instant makeover without making a permanent change. Wall vinyls can be applied to most surfaces and in most cases it will leave no residue.

Where Should I Place My Motivational Wall Decals?

I have previously written about Kids Wall Decals and where and how to place them around your home. Where you position your motivational wall decals will have a direct impact on how effective they will be. You will want to find a location within your home that has great 'foot traffic'.. Here are some suggestions that may work for you.

  • The Fridge: The fridge is a great location for wall decals with quotes. It would probably be one of the highest foot traffic areas in your home, so you would likely see the motivational quote several times a day.
  • The Bathroom Mirror: The bathroom mirror is suited to small-medium sized vinyl wall decals with uplifting self-esteem quotes. However, this may not be the best location if it is a shared bathroom.
  • Above Your Bed: One of the most popular wall decal positions is above the bed. Large sized wall decals work best, such as the 'spirit' wall decal featured on this page.
  • Above Your Desk: Placing a motivational wall decal above your desk can be a great motivator, especially if you spend a lot of time at your desk working from home or studying.

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ytsenoh profile image

ytsenoh 4 years ago from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri

Very interesting. I need a wall sticker. Thanks.

WebsiteConfetti profile image

WebsiteConfetti 4 years ago from Australia Author

thanks for your feedback. I'm addicted to inspiring quotes, its amazing the difference seeing an inspiration quote daily can make to your day.

TolovajWordsmith profile image

TolovajWordsmith 2 years ago from Ljubljana

Sometimes even a tiniest detail can make a world of difference. Motivational quote definitely falls into this category!

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