Warning Signs of a Moving Scam


Being careful to avoid scams is important when shopping for a moving and storage company, else you may find yourself in a pickle. Moving scammers can steal your money and your goods, as well as threaten the security of your family. The good thing is that avoiding fake moving companies is not hard. All you have to do is look for the following warnings signs, provided by a moving and storage company in Chapel Hill.

  • Company representatives refer to themselves as ‘movers’ or ‘moving company’ without mentioning their business name.
  • The company doesn’t have a website or their website is uninformative and doesn’t provide any information about the location of their business.
  • Nobody answers the company phone, or if they do, you aren’t greeted by an office manager or hear noises and other things that suggest the answerer is not in an office.

  • You’ve found the company online after a keyword search. While most moving companies advertising their services online are not scams, today it’s more likely to encounter scams online than out there in the world. (Which is why it’s important to check their site carefully.)

  • The company provides little to no information about their registration or license. Moving companies need to be registered to operate. Visit www.movingscam.com to find out whether the company you want to hire is legit.

  • You are not asked to sign any documents, or the documents you are given are thin and confusing. Companies offering professional, legit moving and storage services will ask you to sign a proper contract which requires plenty of paperwork that includes clauses, insurances, claims coverage, and more. And they will detail answer any questions you have about the contract.

  • You are asked to pay in advance for moving services. Some reputable companies may require you to pay a relatively small initial sum or deposit, but you will be given ample reasons why you have to pay it, as well as proof of payment. Moving scams may require you pay cash or ask you for money up front without even knowing how many belongings you have to move.

  • The moving company doesn’t send a representative to you to ask you questions about the move and determine the quantity and volume of the belongings you have to move. Professional movers have representatives that help you prepare your move, taking all the necessary precautions to ensure you have enough movers, the right size truck for the move and you’re your goods won’t get damaged during the trip.

Beware of Moving Scams

  • When you ask the company whether they have insurance or not they either refuse to answer clearly or play down its significance, saying they are ‘careful guys.’

  • The moving company demands an unusually low price while advertising top quality services. It’s wise to compare prices from different providers before hiring moving services. If one of the providers offers surprisingly cheap services without explaining why, think twice before hiring them.

  • The trucks of the moving company lack logos or company markings or appear to be rented.

  • The guys who come to help you with the packing or the heavy lifting look shady. A reputable moving company won’t hire without background checks.

Avoid moving scams by choosing a moving company recommended by others, ask friends, family and colleagues who they’ve used. Word of mouth is an excellent referral source, and it will give you peace of mind to know someone with first-hand experience with the movers. Take the time to do your research and keep an eye out for the warning signs and you should be able to easily avoid a scam.

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