Wash Balls

What are washing balls?

I am not sure if you have already heard about wash balls, so let me explain what they are in a few short words. Wash balls are a pretty new invention that can eliminate the use of washing detergents while you do your laundry. They look like funny shaped plastic balls and you put them in your washing machine together with your laundry.

In this article I will explain how wash balls work and how do they clean your clothes without any detergent. Well, at least how the wash ball manufacturers claim they work. I have been using them for a while and I must say I am quite satisfied. But I do add a little bit of washing powder just for the smell.

TIP: More on how washing balls work can be found on this blog.

Wash balls are full of small ceramic pellets and these pellets must first be put in the sun so the UV rays charge them. You have to do this before you use the wash ball for the first time and then every now and then, like once a month.

You need to charge the pellets so the emit more infra red rays. When you put them in the washing machine and the wash balls come into contact with water they start emitting infra red rays and by doing so they break water molecules into smaller clusters. They start to move faster and can better penetrate the dirty fibers in your clothes.

Besides that wash balls also soften your clothes. They do that by producing negative ions. These ions make the fibers softer and dirt can come out from softer fibers faster than from the hard ones. All this without the use of detergent.

Did you know that chlorine that is added to the drinking water makes your clothes pale and hard? Wash balls eliminate chlorine from the water. This makes water softer and saves your clothes. Softer water is water that has lower surface tension and that kind of water is much better for washing than hard water.

Washing detergent also produce a certain level of pH in the water to better dissolve oils and dirt from your clothes. Wash balls can do the same (though producers do not tell us how).

This is how wash balls replace detergent when it comes to washing your dirty clothes. If all this is true (I can sadly not tell you if all this is possible, we would need a scientist to do that) wash balls are one of the greater inventions. They could save us a lot of money and what is even more important - they would have a big positive impact on the environment. But you will have to decide for yourselves.

How does a wash ball look like?

Wash ball
Wash ball

Do washing balls work?

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