Waterbed Sheets

Now when wanting to choose your linen for a waterbed let us first explore why anyone would want to buy a waterbed in the first place. The obvious answer would be the unique effect of lying on what is essentially a liquid. The effect of which is a lulling, which is a sort of rocky or similar motion that will be effective in putting you to sleep so long as you are in a relaxed enough state. Consequently there will be a certain amount of motion involved both in the process of going to and during sleeping itself that will require your waterbed sheets to have certain extra features.

These extras come in the form of an elastic band that runs around the entire border of the sheet itself that will secure the sheet good and proper to the waterbed mattress itself. This will make sure that your sheet stays where it should, on the mattress itself and not wind up on the floor the next morning. This will certainly nock off a few bed making hours, which as you can imagine can be somewhat more complicated a procedure on a waterbed than that of a regular mattress.

The materials that make up waterbed linen are mostly a standard mixture of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which will provide adequate comfort and a restful nights sleep. However, if you really want to splurge and indulge in the maximum amount of comfort an item like a waterbed can provide, then its time to break out the satin sheets. Satin in its purest form is made from silk; one of the greatest gifts natures ever given too man and is produced by a caterpillar called the silkworm, one of nature’s humblest little creatures. The result of a satin sheet on a waterbed is very much as close to heaven as you are going to get on this mortal coil. The drawback is that pure satin sheets will be a bit pricey; however there is a cheaper artificial version of satin called sateen. Sateen is made from very closely woven polyester or nylon and cotton and has a glossy finish. It somewhat resembles the real thing, but not quite. It is however more affordable. Other fabrics include flannel for extra softness and percale, which is good for holding the linen’s shape. 

There is not only a wide variety of materials to choose from, but an availability of a wide variety of prints and colors to suit said materials and any taste. So if a certain color or pattern is important to help you relax, you can be sure too find it among the waterbed sheets available.


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