Waterfall Pump - Planning Correctly?

courtesy of osseous
courtesy of osseous

What Is A Waterfall Pump?

If you've ever actually been to a waterfall then there is a chance that you know exactly how beautiful they happen to be. The running water is absolutely gorgeous, and not to mention soothing, so why wouldn't you want one in your house? Well unfortunately, the natural conditions for a waterfall simply do not exist within a house unless you do some serious and questionable modifications to said house that might actually damage the ecosystem.

The purpose of the waterfall pump is to create either an indoor or an outdoor waterfall. In order to do this you are going to need to have an existing pond or water source, and you will need to place said pond underneath the water so that it will be able to bring water to the top of a ledge that you will have installed. Doing this will create a beautiful waterfall that you could have otherwise only experienced in nature.

courtesy of osseous
courtesy of osseous

Tackling The Problem

With a waterfall pump there are going to be some issues that will arise, and you will have deal with them as they come up. Some potential issues could include the pond not draining adequately. In other words, more than half the pond water is being used. In retrospect it's possible that not enough of the pond water is being moved. Remember that at least half the water in your pond needs to be used in order for the pump to be effective at all.

Potential Fixes

If you find that these things are happening to you, then there are a few measures that you can actually take to solve the problem. If you find that more than half, or less than half of the water in the pond is being used, then you will need to make sure that the pump you have selected is large enough for the body of water that you have submerged it in. The size of your pump must be relative to the size of your pond, so make sure that the gallons per hour match the gallons in your pond. If you have a 200 gallon pond, them make sure the pump will be able to recycle 100 gallons of water each hour.

If the pump is of adequate size then you could always try cleaning it. Everything needs to be cleaned at some point, and your pond pump is really no exception. If you built your waterfall pump in the first place, then this should really be no problem.

A waterfall is a beautiful thing, no one can deny that. Make sure that you select a decent pump so that you can enjoy it almost anywhere you please. Naturally it's going to take quite a bit of work to get it started, but when you see the end product which is the beauty and majesty of the falling water in your pond, you're going to wonder why you didn't undertake this idea sooner!

Yes, That's A Waterfall Pump!

courtesy of pricecs
courtesy of pricecs

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