Western Cowboy Decor

Western Home Decor

It doesn't matter if you say Western Decor, Rustic American Decor, Cowboy Decor, Cabin or Mountain Decor it all comes down to the classic style of decorating from the by-gone era of the Old American West.

Although the idea and artifacts have spread throughout the world this style is truly unique to America - North America that is. It's as relevant in the Canadian west and prairie provinces as it is in the United States. Having access to a wide variety of natural resources is the starting point for Western Decor. Look for attractive rocks, pieces of aged wood, rusted metal, and worn leather are great as focal points. Combine some spun wool, birch bark, colourful beads, and maybe even the odd animal skull or bone as an accent to your western cowboy look.

When furnishing any room look for western style furniture, which is typically quite big and of course is constructed from pine or occasionally oak. Basic is key as making any thing in the old west was done out of necessity not as art so don't think fancy - think rugid and natural. Something that looks like it would survive outdoors as well as it would inside in front of the fire. You can always achieve the detailed look by adding attractive and colourful Hudson's Bay wool blankets and patch work quilt pillows. Furniture made from logs and furntiure made from samplings creates a very effective western look

As you deign your country and western decor or theme think about these key ideas to contribute to the overall look:

Colour - For a Western Decor look at natural wood - like the honey colouring that comes through when pine is aged or the bleached grey look of oak when it's left outside or unfinished for a time. Also, look at other colours natural to the west - the soft golden yellow of ripe wheat; the steel blue of a clear lake or stream; the flat black of wrought iron. Accent these base natural colours with others you might think of from this time - how about the terra-cotta of old clay pots or the faded red in bricks? Look to living colours too - the timeless beauty of a rich green forest; smooth velvety cream and other natural tones that compliment the colours in a western styled blanket, an old rug, or western wall decor.

Western Accessories - Western accessories can be used throughout your room. Many will be subtle but others you may want to highlight as a focal point. include any of the following: start by thinking about cowboys. What did they wear? - Hats, chaps, leather belts and cowboy boots. What did cowboys do? - Hunt, fish, ranch and wrangle. Think cows, moose, fox and bears, fish, mountains, trees, oak leaves, acorns, horses....

Western Fabrics - With Western Decor fabrics were tough and rugid. Think about the smooth tactile finish of worn leather or the itchy scratchy feel of thick wool. Picture blue jeans - denim, saddles and blankets, woven rugs, and animal fur. For a western theme old is good and older better.

Old is Good but Older Better! Anything vintage will do. A cracked and gnarly leather chair, a chipped and naturally distressed table. Anything that has been left outside which has developed the scares from nature but survived.

Visit flea markets in summer and get out into the country as far as you can. You may happen across an old dilapidated barn. Go knock on the nearest door and see if they mind you pocking around for treasures. Go to a farm auction and visit old farm implement stores - treasures await for your new Western Cowboy Decor !

Examples of Western Decor

Western Decor
Western Decor
Western Home Decor
Western Home Decor
Western Decorations
Western Decorations
Western Wall Decor
Western Wall Decor
Western Cowboy Decor
Western Cowboy Decor
Western Bedroom Decor
Western Bedroom Decor
Western Bath Decor
Western Bath Decor

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PAMark profile image

PAMark 6 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama

Nice stuff Deb. I've always been a bit of a cowboy myself! Love the ideas - those rooms look so warm and inviting.

PanamaPaul profile image

PanamaPaul 6 years ago from Toronto

Deb, you'll have to check out my Hubs on Cowboy stuff - I'm into it! Please leave your feedback too.

brit 5 years ago

How can I do the wall decor you did with the horse shoe and rope? I love it

sheepstress profile image

sheepstress 5 years ago from Salem, NY

Wow, thanks for the wonderful tips! Just moved into a house where we just "fell into" the western decor all to easily, but I wasn't sure what to do with it! We have so much natural pine woodworking, it's just BEAUTIFUL!


Erika 4 years ago

How can I order the wagon wheels? Thanks..

andrea 3 years ago

Where can i purchase the bedding in the western bedroom decor photo?

Sam 20 months ago

So where do I find some of those cute sinks. the copper or something Western. My plumber won't make a sink out of a bucket. I need to find something already made.

Jannie 5 months ago

Where do you order the wagon wheels?

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