What Do You Need for a Winter Move

For those who are planning on moving, one of the first things you should figure out is what important things should you prepare for and during the move. Deciding to do the move during winter can complicate things somewhat. Sure, you can get cheaper rates from many moving companies, but the unpredictable weather and usually harsh conditions that is expected during this season makes it much more essential to be prepared. Winston Salem movers who have plenty of experience regarding winter moves outline several necessary items to help achieve a stress free move.

One of the more necessary things to help a move go smoothly is to ensure that the walkways are safe and that the parking spaces the movers need are clear. The Winston Salem Moving Company suggests keeping sand, salt and shovels handy. Unexpected snowfall or a sudden buildup of ice can hinder the mover's ability to work quickly. The last thing you want on a cold winter day is to have the move take longer than necessary.

Speaking of cold winter days, the movers suggest that clients bring along hot food and beverages to help keep everyone involved in the move more comfortable as the job wears on. Short breaks to get out of the cold and warm up are to be expected during winter moves, having enough hot snacks and drinks will keep everyone productive.

Still on the topic of keeping warm, bringing along extra winter clothing, like scarves, gloves, socks and sweaters are handy for sudden changes in temperature. It's always easy to under-dress if there's a spot of good weather, but if you're doing an activity that would probably extend during a good part of the day, you want to make sure that everybody can work effectively even if the temperature suddenly drops.

Concerning your furniture and equipment during the actual move, other than crates and boxes, make sure that you have plastic sheets or large garbage bags handy to protect any items you have from the moisture of wet snow. The last thing anyone would want is to have their expensive electronic equipment getting water damaged.

Another thing to keep in mind is the cleanup after the move, both from your origin and your destination. Having lots of cardboard, sheets or even newspapers to protect high traffic areas will keep dirt and mud tracks to a minimum. It's also a good idea to have mops and rags handy for any cleanup. It might sound basic, but you'd be surprised how many forget to set them aside for easy use.

Planning for a move during the winter may seem difficult, and in some ways it can be due to the unpredictable nature of the season, but as long as you properly prepare for it you can avoid many of the pitfalls that are commonly encountered during winter moves. Keeping these essential items prepared and within easy reach goes a long way to ensure a stress-free move.

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