What Not to Do and Save On Your Move

Everyone knows that moving always involves quite a bit of expense on their part. Even if you are able to talk your friends into helping you move, there are still things like truck rentals, fuel costs and, unless you have a lot of these lying around, the costs of crates and boxes to put your stuff in. In light of this, there are things that you can do, or rather, things that you should avoid, in order to keep your moving expenses from being greater than what is necessary.

Most movers know that moving without a plan is a bad idea, and advise their customers from doing the same. Anything that involves an expense should never be taken lightly, and with the expenses involved in moving, going at it without any preparation will usually lead to more unnecessary expenditures in the long run. Make a schedule, find out if any of your furniture requires any specialized equipment to haul, and have the necessary utilities at your new home ready before the move. The better prepared you are, the less stressful, and ultimately, less expensive, your move will be.

A Durham moving company also shares this important word of advice, if you're going to move, have a budget that you can follow. Some items on your budget may go over your estimate, but you should at least try to stick to it as closely as possible. Preparing a budget for your move lets you estimate how much you would be willing to spend on any particular service, thus giving you a certain amount in mind when you try to negotiate moving rates. The budget also lets you know if you're spending too much on miscellaneous items when you should be concentrating on other major expenditures.

Another moving company from Durham recommends that you schedule your move during off peak seasons so as to get more options and, usually, more discounts from your moving company. Their business usually picks up during the summer months because the weather is mostly clear and school is out during this period. With lots of people scheduling their moves in the summer, this may leave you with limited choices when you try to ask around for reasonable rates. If you have a choice on when you can schedule a move, always go for the off peak season, and if you don't, try to at least book either a moving company, or a truck rental at least two months in advance so that you have more options.

Speaking of booking in advance, a recent customer of a Durham mover was given a great piece of advice. When moving, don't ever leave the job of renting a truck or hiring a moving company at the last minute. This should be one of the first things you prepare for once you are actually sure that you are moving. Booking in advance gives you time to check for testimonials and try to gauge a company's service record, also it allows you to negotiate from a larger list of choices and find a better deal.

Knowing what to avoid when moving always helps to reduce the costs of an already expensive activity. It never hurts to keep the advice stated above in mind if you plan on doing a move.

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